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Ketchum, Idaho

Looking for the best rock climbing in Ketchum? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Ketchum. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

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Top Rock Climbing Spots in and near Ketchum

  • Hailey, Idaho

    Pioneer Yurt via Hyndman Creek Trail

    6.91 mi / 1650 ft gain
    This trek starts about 25 minutes from Ketchum, Idaho at the Hyndman Creek Trailhead. As a general rule of thumb, Sun Valley is a great place to be in the fall, and this adventure is no different. The hike itself follows the beautiful Hyndman Creek and is only about 3.5 miles, but the daunting st...
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  • Mackay, Idaho

    Rock Climb Trail Creek Road

    This local gem is still in the works, as at the time of writing this there are only 5 TR routes and 1 sport route however the views are absolutely epic from the climbing area. The place doesn't exist in climbing books and we have the Elephant Perch mountain store to thank for the discovery.  Plus...
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  • Mackay, Idaho

    Hike to Kane Lake

    6.8 mi / 1717 ft gain
    This hike into the Pioneer Mountain Range starts out in a small meadow near Kane Creek, which you will follow for nearly the whole hike. Once you hit the forested area the uphill climb begins and doesn't stop until you get to the lake. About half way up the trail will begin taking you through roc...
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  • Ketchum, Idaho

    Alice Toxaway Loop

    27.71 mi / 5515 ft gain
    The Alice/Toxaway Loop is a standard loop in the Sawtooth Mountains, ID.  The basic route is around 20 miles and takes 2-3 days.  This trip report will outline our Aug 2016 trip and also give multiple options for you to use your own imagination when coming up with your own route.  Below is my tak...
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  • Mackay, Idaho

    Climb Mount Borah

    7.5 mi / 5200 ft gain
    Rising high above the sage brush covered landscape, Mount Borah is the tallest mountain in Idaho and is referred to as the "roof of Idaho." This behemoth is part of the Lost River Range in the central part of the state. The strongest earthquake in Idaho occurred along the fault line in 1983 and r...
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  • Lowman, Idaho

    Saddleback Lakes

    8.64 mi / 2129 ft gain
    The adventure starts taking a boat shuttle over between the north and south ends of Redfish Lake. The boat ride has a fee and is approximately 7 minutes each way. You can learn more on the Redfish Lake blog. Once across the lake at its southern end (Redfish Inlet Transfer Camp), hike the Redfish...
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  • Arco, Idaho

    Hike the Craters of the Moon's Lava Tubes

    1.6 mi
    Craters of the Moon National Monument in Southern Idaho is a vast ocean of lava flows, with scattered islands of cinder and splatter cones created by volcanic activity 15,000 years ago. Over 618 square miles, this surreal field displays the strange geography that can be caused by significant erup...
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  • Mackay, Idaho

    Hike to Bear Creek Lake

    6 mi / 1600 ft gain
    The trailhead starts at the end of an old jeep trail. If you are brave with your 4 wheel drive you can drive to here and cut 1.4 miles off your hike. My mile counting started at the trail head. The trail is very well marked. At about 0.3 miles it crosses Bear Creek. In the summer this will often ...
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