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Boise, Idaho

Looking for the best fishing in Boise? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Boise. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

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Top Fishing Spots in and near Boise

  • Elmore County, Idaho

    Explore the South Fork of the Boise River

    In just over an hour, you can leave downtown Boise and arrive above Arrowrock Reservoir in a location so unique that you won't believe you're still in Idaho. The South Fork of the Boise River provides excitement for campers, wildlife lovers, and outdoor goers. Although I just visited for the firs...
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  • Melba, Idaho

    Guffey Butte Trail

    2.57 mi / 482 ft gain
    Guffey Butte Trail is an out-and-back trail that leads you on a hike across the Snake River located near Melba, Idaho. The short trail starts out of the parking area for Celebration Park on the northeast side of the river. Dogs are permitted on the trail on a leash. 
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  • 5000 Victory Lane, Idaho

    Celebration Park

    Celebration Park is the perfect day trip! There are plenty of opportunities for recreation including boating, fishing, hiking, wildlife viewing, horseback riding, and much more! In addition to recreation, the park provides educational tours free of charge to visitors. These tours include informat...
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  • Murphy, Idaho

    Mountain Bike to the Petroglyphs at Wees Bar

    12.2 mi / 1000 ft gain
    At Wees Bar, a remote area accessible only by bike or foot, explore hundreds of petroglyphs carved into glacial boulders by Native Americans 12,000 years ago. Begin at the Swan Falls Dam parking lot. Bring a fat bike in late summer and fall to glide over the dry, loose dirt that forms as the cany...
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  • Mountain Home, Idaho

    Relax at Big and Little Trinity Lakes

    6 mi / 300 ft gain
    Because of the altitude of the this lake, the road to it doesn't open up until mid to late July. You can still get to the lake, but it is a 6 mi round trip hike down a dusty dirt road. It gets old. When the road is open, you can drive right up to the lake.  To get there, right before the town of ...
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  • Boise County, Idaho

    Jennie Lake Trail

    8.38 mi / 1998 ft gain
    Perhaps one of the best beginner-esque lake hikes closest to Boise, making your way to Jennie Lake can either be packed-in overnight or and out-and-back day hike. You'll be delighted by the secluded ambiance of the lake and the cool mountain breeze rushing through the pines. Getting There: Make ...
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  • Silver City, Idaho

    Silver City

    Silver City, Idaho is a historic mining town located in the Owyhee Mountains. This town is one of the few mining towns that did not burn down or get modernized into a commercial city.  The Idaho Hotel is one of the main attractions and appears as it did over 100 years ago with only a few updates...
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