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Looking for the best hiking in United States? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around United States. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Hiking Spots in and near United States

  • Ashford, Washington

    Hike to Panorama Point

    5.4 mi / 1700 ft gain
    This 5.4 mile loop hike begins at the Paradise Visitors Center in Mount Rainier National Park. You just follow the skyline trail that begins from the steps with the John Muir quote on them. The hike goes up 1700 feet to its highest point at 7100 feet. From this high up you have some amazing views...
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  • Pine, Arizona

    Fossil Creek Falls

    2.42 mi / 328 ft gain
    The journey is definitely worth it! Don't let the description discourage you from visiting here. This is simply to help you be prepared so that you can enjoy this wonderful place as safely as possible! Fossil Creek Rd can only be accessed from Camp Verde via FH 9 (Hwy 260) and FR 708 due to road...
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  • Stinson Beach, California

    Cataract Falls

    2.81 mi / 1184 ft gain
    The Bay Area is home to many beautiful waterfalls, but Cataract Falls located about an hour north of San Francisco is one of the most stunning. Be sure to head out on this hike after a recent rain. Cataract Falls is a picturesque waterfall located in the Mt. Tamalpais Watershed near Stinson Be...
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  • North Bend, Washington

    Goldmyer Hot Springs

    10.48 mi / 817 ft gain
    Goldmyer Hot Springs is a beautiful little gem nestled within the wilderness of the stunning Cascade Mountains. This hot springs complex is situated on the old remains of a mining town, and delivers steadily flowing water to a set of tiered pools along the mountainside. The “cave” pool at the top...
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  • Hurricane, Utah

    Upper Emerald Pool

    2.92 mi / 600 ft gain
    Start this trail walking across the bridge over the Virgin River into the start of the trails that lead to the pools. The path takes you through the bottoms of the water falls and you see them falling over the rocks above you. Though this sight may be totally awesome, be careful as you walk alo...
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  • Springdale, Utah

    Hike Many Pools

    2 mi
    To get there, drive about .8 miles east of the smaller tunnel on the Zion-Mt. Carmel highway. There will be a place to pull out and park on a large turn. Continue walking down the road about 150 yards east and cross the street before the next turn. There is no marked trail, but there should be a ...
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  • Provo, Utah

    Backpack to Silver Lake

    4.1 mi / 1500 ft gain
    The trail is 4.1 miles roundtrip gaining almost 1,500 feet for the duration of the adventure. Some parts are exposed, so you can get a fair amount of sun.When you're on the trail, you'll get amazing views as you’re hiking to the lake of Mount Timpanogos and American Fork Canyon. This is followed ...
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  • Mill Valley, California

    Canopy, Panoramic, Redwood Trail, Sun, Dipsea Trail Loop

    4.31 mi / 1145 ft gain
    While there are other, less crowded redwood groves in the Bay Area, Muir Woods National Monument is easily one of the best. It is a beautifully maintained site, with wooden footpaths meandering between towering redwoods that are between 600 – 800 years old. It’s home to some true giants, with its...
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  • Orick, California

    Tall Trees Grove, Redwood Creek, Emerald Ridge Loop

    4.41 mi / 1043 ft gain
    Day 1: Check with the Rangers station before heading up for best camping opportunities. Assuming you've checked with the rangers for approval...if there are openings, off of the main road, there are side streets with access to the beaches. Pull into one of these areas and drive down as far as you...
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  • San Francisco, California

    Lover's Lane, Ecology, Mountain Lake Trail Loop

    2.04 mi / 344 ft gain
    Tucked into a corner of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area is the Presidio, a beautiful little oasis of forests, beaches, and sweeping views that locals love. While the coastal trails get most of the attention here, the park covers 300 acres of prime real estate with lots of notable attract...
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  • Gold Bar, Washington

    Lake Serene and Bridal Veil Falls

    7.74 mi / 2569 ft gain
    Consider this a must-do if you are in Seattle and feel like knocking out two amazing hikes AND getting to see a hidden lake all along US 2. The trail starts out on an old road with the typical amazing forest surrounding you. After roughly 2 miles the road will end and you can go right (signage i...
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  • Apple Valley, California

    Deep Creek Hot Springs

    3.64 mi / 948 ft gain
    Deep Creek Hot Springs is nestled along the Mojave River at an elevation of 3,000 feet in the San Bernardino Mountains. This year-round mineral water retreat consists of three pools the size of large hot tubs, that range in temperature from around 96 degrees in the first pool to 102 in the third....
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  • Port Angeles, Washington

    Olympic Hot Springs

    21.52 mi / 3556 ft gain
    A local favorite, this moderate day hike winds its way uphill from the Appleton Pass trailhead through old growth stands of fir, hemlock and cedar for 2.2 miles to a cluster of hot springs interspersed among the trees. Note: This route is now closed due to a washed out road. The current route is ...
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  • Mill Valley, California

    Summit of Mt. Tamalpais Loop

    1.15 mi / 394 ft gain
    Mt. Tam is a large park with plenty of amazing viewpoints, but the East routes and the East Peak are best for sunsets. Once you're at the top, it's an amazing spot to view a large number of Marin trails, which can help you can get a head start on planning your next adventure. At 2,570 feet, this ...
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  • Williams, Arizona

    Horseshoe Bend

    1.52 mi / 157 ft gain
    Horseshoe Bend in Page, Arizona is classic bucket list material and for good reason. Even if they don’t know what it’s called or where it is, everyone has seen this famous spot somewhere. Rest assured; pictures cannot convey the massive scale of this place. From your vantage point 1,000 feet abov...
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  • Snoqualmie, Washington

    Snoqualmie Falls

    1.4 mi / 509 ft gain
    Snoqualmie Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls in Washington. The waterfall is almost 270 feet tall and ranges in width all the way up to 150 feet when the water is really running. On sunny, warm days, it can be a little overrun with tourists. Figure out where you want to get your photo ...
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