Valley Springs, California

Looking for the best photography in Valley Springs? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Valley Springs. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Photography Spots in and near Valley Springs

  • Sonora, California

    Bouldering at Columbia College

    Get your hands on some limestone bouldering at this spot. There's actually two locations for bouldering in this area, Columbia College and Columbia State Park (about less than a 10 min. drive from Columbia College), but I made this specific adventure for climbing on the college. GPS Coordinates f...
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  • Arnold, California

    Hike the North Grove Trail in Calaveras Big Trees SP

    1.7 mi / 40 ft gain
    When thinking of the iconic Sequoias of the Sierra Nevada, one usually thinks of Yosemite and Sequoia National Park. However, there is a often forgotten area of Giant Sierra Redwoods that gets far less traffic than the more popular groves. The North Grove Trail takes you through a grove of over 1...
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  • Tuolumne County, California

    Hike the South Grove Trail in Big Trees SP

    5 mi / 560 ft gain
    The South Grove Trail of Calaveras Big Trees State Park sees far less traffic than the North Grove due to its increased mileage and distance from the park entrance. The trail starts at the South Grove Trail head which is located nine miles east of the entrance on the main park road. The trailhead...
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  • Galt, California

    Hike the Cosumnes River Walk Trail

    3.1 mi / 16 ft gain
    This trail is a short, easy, accessible and beautiful trail for a nice afternoon walk (or photoshoot).   I recommend the River Walk Trail (~3 miles).  It is flat and easy to walk.  There are multiple loops so you can turn back at any time. There are small bridges, access to the water, meadows, e...
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  • Gold River, California

    Hike the American River Parkway: Fair Oaks Bridge to Hazel Ave.

    4.7 mi / 249 ft gain
    This area is possibly one of my favorite stretches of trail along the American River Parkway (for my route, click here. On this trail, you'll get great views of the American River, experience lush fern gullies, and depending on the seasons can see all sorts of wildlife, mostly birds along with t...
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  • Pollock Pines, California

    Jenkinson Lake Loop Trail at Sly Park

    8.19 mi / 640 ft gain
    The Jenkinson Lake Loop Trail runs along Jenkinson Lake, making for an easy, shaded, and well-marked hike that the entire family can enjoy. The full loop is over eight miles, but can be easily modified into a shorter trip, as well. Along the way, you will see a variety of activities along the la...
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  • Carmichael, California

    Hike through the Effie Yeaw Nature Preserve

    4.48 mi / 161 ft gain
    DetailsEffie Yeaw Nature Preserve is named after Effie Yeaw, a teacher, conservationist and environmental educator who frequented the area on educational nature walks. She was one of the leading forces behind preserving the land now known as The American River Parkway.Effie Yeaw Nature Preserve...
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  • Groveland, California

    Drive the Yosemite Valley Loop

    Upon entering Yosemite Valley National Park I made it a point to see Half Dome, El Capitan, and Washington Column and several other famous Yosemite formations. What I didn't realize was as soon as I entered The Village was that all could be seen within a 15 minute loop around the valley floor. Th...
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