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Riverside County, California

Looking for the best chillin in Riverside County? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Riverside County. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Chillin Spots in and near Riverside County

  • Redlands, California

    Run the Carriage Trail

    2.5 mi / 300 ft gain
    There is room to park just off San Timoteo Road. On the other side of the trail is more parking off Alessandro. You can park your car on either side and start your run/walk/bike ride. This is a nice little "get away" trail to take a break from suburbia. 
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  • Lake Elsinore, California

    Explore Walker Canyon

    Walker canyon is within easy driving distance from most places in Orange County and San Diego which makes for a great day trip.  While there is no official parking lot for the trail you will be able to find parking all along Lake Street and Walker Canyon Road.  The trail begins at the corner of L...
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  • Hesperia, California

    Sawpit Beach

    Sawpit Beach, is nestled within the Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area. The beach offers a peaceful respite along the southern shores of Silverwood Lake. With lifeguards on duty during the summer months, families can enjoy a worry-free day of swimming and relaxation. The sandy shores provide t...
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  • Hesperia, California

    Cleghorn Beach and Day Use Area

    Nestled at the southwestern edge of Silverwood Lake lies Cleghorn Beach and Day Use Area, a perfect spot for a leisurely afternoon. This family-friendly beach boasts lifeguards on duty during the summer months and offers reservable picnic shelters for your convenience. Unlike other parts of the l...
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  • San Bernardino County, California

    Aztec Falls

    1.23 mi / 16 ft gain
    From Lake Arrowhead, take the 173 to Hook Creek Road until you dead end onto Squint Ranch Road. Take a right at the first fork in the road, and park in the lot for Splinters Cabin. The dirt road can be a bit rocky and might not be the best for small cars. Once you're there, be sure to display you...
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  • Corona, California

    Hike to Holy Jim Falls

    2.9 mi / 570 ft gain
    To start, directions on how to get to the trail there are two different ways, the most common , which I will explain, being through Rancho Santa Margarita you will head east on Santa Margarita Parkway, turn left at the dead end (into a parking lot for a shopping center) on Plano Trabuco Road, thi...
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  • Claremont, California

    Stoddard Peak Trail

    5.93 mi / 1129 ft gain
    On the way to Mount Baldy and within the trail system of the San Gabriel mountain range is the Stoddard Peak Trail. The Stoddard Peak Trail, which is basically the old Barrett-Stoddard fire road, goes through the Stoddard Canyon into Stoddard Flat, and then eventually leads to Stoddard Peak. The ...
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  • Claremont, California

    Stoddard Canyon Falls (Baldy Slide Waterfall)

    0.74 mi / 174 ft gain
    Located near the Angeles National Forest, it's a short hike, approx. 0.75 miles roundtrip and just about anybody can go. To get there, input the intersection of Mt. Baldy Rd. and Barrett Stoddard Truck Trail into your GPS. This will bring you to a small dirt parking lot. The trailhead starts a...
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  • Silverado, California

    Hike to Black Star Canyon Falls

    7.5 mi / 913 ft gain
    Waterfalls in Orange County are far and few between, with the best lying near and inside the Cleveland National Forest. Black Star Canyon Falls are some of the best just after a rain if you are heading out during a dry time of the season you should still expect to see some water. Free parking, ea...
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  • Mount Baldy, California

    Sunset Peak via South Trailhead

    7.16 mi / 1493 ft gain
    In order to get to the Sunset Peak Trailhead, utilize Google Maps to take you to the location provided. There is very little parking (only a small pull off along Glendora Ridge Road), but this trail is rarely traveled, so there should be enough space regardless of the time you decide to hike! Jus...
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  • Anaheim, California

    Oak Canyon Bluebird and Wren Trail

    1.42 mi / 187 ft gain
    The Oak Canyon Bluebird and Wren Trail features beautiful wildflowers and is accessible year-round. The trail is well kept and offers lots of shady spots. The first portion of this hike will take you up a hill, and then to a fork. One direction will take you around a reservoir and another will ta...
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  • La Verne, California

    Marshall Canyon Trail

    5.99 mi / 722 ft gain
    For this adventure you can choose to start in a multiple of places; for the easiest parking use Oak Mesa Park located next to Oak Mesa Elementary School. From the parking lot cross the soccer field towards the bridge on the north east end of the school. Once across the bridge follow Los Robles ea...
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  • Fawnskin, California

    Pine Oak Lane Beach

    Pine Oak Lane Beach, is located on the western side of Big Bear Lake. Whether you're seeking a tranquil escape or an action-packed day on the water, this scenic beach has something for everyone. Activities: At Pine Oak Lane Beach, you can enjoy a variety of recreational activities, including swi...
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  • Big Bear Lake, California

    Grand View Point

    6.9 mi / 1312 ft gain
    Grand View Point is accessed via Pine Knot Trail, a 6.5 mile out and back hiking trail located at the Aspen Glen Picnic Area, 1 mile from Big Bear Village. With its close proximity to town, Pine Knot Trail is popular in the summer with mountain bikers and the trailhead is often crowded in the win...
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  • Big Bear, California

    Cougar Crest Trail

    5.57 mi / 892 ft gain
    On the north side of Big Bear Lake, just off the 38, you will find a turn off for the Cougar Crest Trail. The parking lot is well marked, and signs for the trailhead are easy to spot. Parking is not an issue if you come in later in the afternoon, but the hike can get crowded during peak hours. Fo...
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  • San Juan Capistrano, California

    Hike the Pinhead Peak Trail at Ronald W. Caspers Wilderness Park

    2 mi / 220 ft gain
    Ronald W. Caspers Wilderness Park is the perfect place to getaway from the hubbub of LA. Enjoy the scenic drive north on Ortega Highway before reaching the entrance gate to the park. Parking Fees are currently $3 on Weekdays and $5 on Weekends. Camping Fees vary depending on your group size.  The...
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