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  • Hacienda Heights, California

    For top outdoor adventures in Hacienda Heights, California, the must-visit hiking trail is the Schabarum Regional Park Trail. This scenic 2.5-mile loop trail offers moderate difficulty and is best for outdoor activities like walking, running, and bird watching. The trail features a lake and beautiful wild flowers, making it a visually appealing walk. Another attraction near to this location is the Powder Canyon Loop Trail. This 4.4-mile trail is a bit more challenging, with steep slopes and rugged terrain. It's a great spot for mountain biking and trail running. Both trails offer stunning views of the San Gabriel Valley. For the best trails and outdoor activities in Hacienda Heights, these two spots are a must-visit.

    Top Spots in and near Hacienda Heights

    • Los Angeles County, California

      Bikepack Catalina Island

      43.5 mi / 5700 ft gain
      This is a great introductory overnight bikepacking adventure. With restaurants, water, and stores at each end of the ride, your packing list is minimal. Head out on Saturday morning and make it back in time for dinner on Sunday evening. Packing List Your Bike – I did this ride on my drop bar grav...
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    • Santa Clarita, California

      Hike to Saint Francis Dam Disaster National Monument

      3.2 mi / 153 ft gain
      The Saint Francis Dam Disaster National Monument, established in 2019, memorializes the site where the Saint Francis Dam, built by famed engineer William Mulholland, collapsed in 1929, tragically killing more than 400 people in the middle of the night as a 150+ foot wave of water crashed through ...
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    • Avalon, California

      Camp at Hermit Gulch on Catalina Island

      3.9 mi / 1206 ft gain
      The Avalon port in Catalina is most easily accessed through the Catalina Express leaving from Dana Point, Newport Beach or Long Beach. The Hermit Gulch campsite is only a 20 min walk from the boat and is well run with restrooms, showers... etc. They also sell anything you might have forgotten for...
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    • San Diego County, California

      Camp On the Abandoned Santa Margarita Lookout Helipad

      Starting in Murrieta, CA you don't have to venture far to enjoy a beautiful view and less light polluted skies.From Murrieta on the I-15 freeway you're going to want to take the Clinton Kieth Road exit and head west. If you're low on gas make sure to fill up at the 7 Eleven on the left corner. Th...
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    • San Bernardino County, California

      Deep Creek Hot Springs via Bradford Ridge

      4.75 mi / 1335 ft gain
      Located in the San Bernardino National Forest and part of the Pacific Crest Trail, the Deep Creek Hot Springs are a relaxing site for those of us without access to a Jacuzzi. There are at least 4 pools of hot (not just warm) water that you can soak in with your fellow neighbor (who may or may not...
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    • Avalon, California

      Trans-Catalina Trail

      37.67 mi / 8189 ft gain
      This adventure is a great way to see the entire island of Santa Catalina. Catalina Island is situated less than 30 miles off the coast of Southern California, and can be reached by ferry from Dana Point, San Pedro, or Long Beach. Catalina Express in the company that operates the ferry. This adve...
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    • Malibu, California

      Surf Zuma Beach

      Zuma is a 3 mile stretch of beach in Malibu with a fun beach break and a great place to chill. Zuma is known for being cleaner than other beaches in LA and there are restrooms, food, and parking all up and down the beach. Paid parking on the beach ($8-12) and free parking across the street. Certa...
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