New Blaine, Arkansas

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Top Backpacking Spots in and near New Blaine

  • Dardanelle Township, Arkansas

    Rim Trail and Bench Trails Loop

    7.6 mi / 702 ft gain
    I did two loop trails (Rim Trail and Bench Trail). Mileage reflects combination of both trails plus the distance hiking between the two near sunset point. Cost to camp in a hike-in site is ~$13/night. You can't reserve a hike-in spot in advance, but they are very under utilized.  I'm pretty sure ...
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  • Hagarville, Arkansas

    Backpack to the Natural Bridge

    8 mi
    After you drive across the one-lane bridge and take the dirt road immediately after it, follow that dirt road until it begins to bend to the left. Park your vehicle in the turnoff on the right, and be sure to lock it and take (or hide) any valuables in it. Even though it’s relatively remote, rand...
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  • Mulberry, Arkansas

    Backpack along Hurricane Creek

    6 mi
    After arriving at the trailhead near the Shores Lake Campground (there is a $3 parking fee, so bring cash), head along the path and go west at the T-junction. Continue going west/northwest and you’ll cross over a forest road. Stay on the trail as it gradually descends, then veer off-trail to the ...
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  • Kingston, Arkansas

    Backpack Along Whitaker Creek

    5 mi
    After arriving at the Whitaker Point/Hawksbill Crag trailhead, start going down the path for about 1/8th of a mile. You’ll cross a small stream, and here is where you’ll turn off the trail. Using Whitaker Creek as your guide, follow it like a handrail as it descends down into the confluence with ...
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  • Witts Springs, Arkansas

    Backpack to the Sandstone Castles

    8 mi / 1000 ft gain
    From the Richland Creek campground, Twin Falls is an approximate 3 mile hike followed by another mile (give or take) to the "Castles". Directly above a small camping area on top of Twin Falls there begins a more primitive trail up the center on the ridge that will take you straight to the enormou...
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  • Mount Judea, Arkansas

    Hike Sam's Throne

    0.5 mi
    This hike starts at the Sam's Throne Campground parking area. Once you walk to the end of the campground there is a fence with three different entrances that all lead to different trails. Take the middle trial for the shortest and easiest hike to the bluffs. This hike is very easy and only tak...
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