Top Spots

Coronado National Memorial Perimeter Trail

Hereford, Arizona

7.45 mi / 1152 ft gain

Mexican Border Scenic Drive

Hereford, Arizona

53.59 mi / 4091 ft gain

Garden Canyon Linear Park to Brown Canyon Loop

Sierra Vista, Arizona

13.66 mi / 1302 ft gain

Miller Canyon Trail

Hereford, Arizona

7.12 mi / 3041 ft gain

Carr Peak via Old Sawmill Spring Trail

Hereford, Arizona

5.48 mi / 1936 ft gain

Brown Canyon Trail

Sierra Vista, Arizona

5.21 mi / 719 ft gain

Carr Peak Trail

Hereford, Arizona

5.5 mi / 1759 ft gain

Miller Peak from Ramsey Vista Campground

Hereford, Arizona

11.35 mi / 2848 ft gain

Ramsey Canyon and Hamburg Trail

Hereford, Arizona

7.56 mi / 2867 ft gain

Places to stay

8933 South Yell Lane, Arizona

Casa De San Pedro

From $185 / night

Hereford, Arizona

Reef Townsite Group Area

Elgin, Arizona

Rock Bluff Group Site

Rustic Private in High Desert

From $30 / night

Patagonia, Arizona

Ocelot Camp Safari Tent

From $255 / night

Cochise County, Arizona

Shaw House

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