Fountain Hills, Arizona

Looking for the best fitness in Fountain Hills? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Fountain Hills. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Fitness Spots in and near Fountain Hills

  • Phoenix, Arizona

    Apache Wash Loop Trail

    5.79 mi / 541 ft gain
    This hike begins at the Apache Wash Trailhead where you will find restrooms and a covered rest area. This loop is simple to follow and offers various shortcuts along with an access to an optional summit climb.  The loop begins from the north-east end of the parking lot near the restrooms. Turn l...
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  • Cave Creek, Arizona

    Hike the Go John Trail

    5.6 mi / 804 ft gain
    As you park at the trailhead, you have the option to take this trail in either direction. I recommend that you travel north, which will immediately provide 0.75 miles of elevation gain. You will then reach a pass with panoramic views of the Tonto National Forest. A bench in this area provides the...
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  • Tonto Basin, Arizona

    Hike to Brown's Peak

    6 mi / 1957 ft gain
    Starting at the trailhead you will begin hiking through oak trees and forest. At numerous times throughout the hike Roosevelt Lake can be seen to the northwest. Approximately 3 miles into your hike you will reach a small campsite in the saddle of the mountain. This is your turnaround point if you...
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  • Phoenix, Arizona

    Hike Marcos de Niza Ridgeline / National Loop

    2.8 mi / 640 ft gain
    This is somewhat of a hidden gem in South Mountain Park, the largest municipal park in the United States, even though it's right there for all to see. The best way to take advantage of this trail is to attack the ridgeline with an intense hiking pace or trail run, connecting it to the National Tr...
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  • Gold Canyon, Arizona

    Superstition Peak 5057 via Carney Springs

    7.71 mi / 2831 ft gain
    This is the true beast hike of the Superstitions. If you think Flatiron is a toughy, give this a whirl! You will be poked, prodded, slapped, smacked, jolted, tripped and stabbed the entire way, but rewarded with arguably the finest sights the valley of the sun has to offer: the entire Superstitio...
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  • Glendale, Arizona

    Run at Thunderbird Park

    2 mi / 475 ft gain
    This is a great spot to go for a quick run or a short hike if you're in North Phoenix.  Thunderbird park is easily accessible with free entry and a number of picnic areas.There are 3 main hills with a variety of trail options to hike up/around each.  From the top you'll find a nice view of valley...
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  • Queen Creek, Arizona

    Hike the Dynamite and Goldmine Loop

    4.7 mi / 773 ft gain
    This trail is a moderately-rated hike. It is used for a variety of activities including hiking, mountain biking, running, and walking. To access the trail, it is important to note that there is a $7 cash parking fee, so be prepared! The beginning of the trail is the most challenging part as it ...
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  • Payson, Arizona

    Hike Barnhardt Trail

    8 mi / 1912 ft gain
    To get to the trailhead, use the turnoff of highway 87 labeled Barnhardt trail (has a marked sign coming from both Payson and Phoenix). Barnhardt road is just over 4 miles and is unpaved. The road can be driven on by lower clearance cars because the terrain is not too rocky. Once at the trailhead...
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  • Morristown, Arizona

    Hike the Wild Burro Trail

    4 mi / 112 ft gain
    Hike along the shoreline of beautiful Lake Pleasant. This 4.0 mile out-and-back trail is worth its weight in beautiful views. The path is well maintained and perfect for beginner hikers who enjoy leisurely hikes while looking for wild burros. The Wild Burro trail starts with a small descent from ...
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  • Waddell, Arizona

    Hike Mesquite Canyon Trail

    13 mi / 1394 ft gain
    This is a great place to begin your hike in the White Tank Mountains.  From the Ramada Way area, the trail begins to lead steadily into a small canyon.  As you get further up, the trail will begin get more steep.  After a short time it leads up to the first saddle and wraps around a ridge and bec...
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