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    Looking for the best mountain biking in Alabama? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Alabama. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

    Top Mountain Biking Spots in and near Alabama

    • Pelham, Alabama

      Mountain Bike at Oak Mountain State Park

      26 mi
      Oak Mountain State Park has some great mountain biking for all ages and all skill levels. Most trails at Oak Mountain are more oriented to the cross country rider, but you can find a couple of trails more geared towards downhill, gravity riders. However, expect to be cross country mountain biking...
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    • Tuscaloosa, Alabama

      Hike through Hurricane Creek Park

      7 mi / 200 ft gain
      There are two access points to the park from the Parking lot area. The first is just up the road to the east of the top of the parking area, this is the trailhead to the exit portal trail, which is about .2 miles to reach the central hub. From the hub, there are two separate loops that wind throu...
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    • Auburn, Alabama

      Mountain Bike in Chewacla SP

      27 mi / 1000 ft gain
      Few places in the southeast have as wide a range of mountain biking as CSP, which includes standard XC trails, a well groomed and extensive dirt jump area, flow trails, and a wicked feature area complete with a massive wall ride and Oregon-downhill-style 2x4 ramp features. Everything is ridable o...
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    • Fort Payne, Alabama

      Little River Canyon

      1.33 mi / 180 ft gain
      Little River Canyon is a loop trail that takes you by a waterfall located near Fort Payne, Alabama.
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    • Wetumpka, Alabama

      Hike Swayback Bridge Trail

      4.6 mi / 272 ft gain
      Just 15 miles and 20 minutes north of central Alabama’s capital city, Montgomery. You will usually meet someone, but rarely find Swayback Bridge area crowded. It is a classic compact hiking and biking trail in central Alabama. Designed as a single track biking trail system bikers and hikers mingl...
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