Mountain Bike in Chewacla SP

27 Miles Round Trip - 1000 ft gain - Loop Trail

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Chewacla State Park is a great place to experience a broad range of trail types and styles mixed together to satisfy any type of riding or any skill level. 

Few places in the southeast have as wide a range of mountain biking as CSP, which includes standard XC trails, a well groomed and extensive dirt jump area, flow trails, and a wicked feature area complete with a massive wall ride and Oregon-downhill-style 2x4 ramp features. Everything is ridable on a standard mountain bike, but drop that seat low (or off completely) for the dirt jumps! Also, call ahead if you want to get on the dirt jump course to make sure it is open that day. 

The trails to the southwest side of the park are more technical and rooty, while the trails at the "back", or east end of the park by the river are more downhill and flow oriented. It takes about half a day to ride the now 27 mi. of trail but many sections are designed to be ridden multiple times as part of more than one loop, which is great because some of the best runs are highlighted. 


Mountain Biking
Dog Friendly
Easy Parking
Family Friendly
Food Nearby
Handicap Accessible
Picnic Area
Swimming Hole


27 Miles
1000 ft elevation gain
Loop Trail

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The Bikes Ruined CSP

I’m sad to say this, but mountain bikers have ruined this beautiful and serene little piece of nature. You can’t hike or walk anywhere in the park anymore without screeching brakes nearly getting run over by mountain bikers. I’m all for people being able to enjoy the sports they love as long as it doesn’t interfere with other people trying to enjoy the things they love doing. Unfortunately it seems that mountain biking is just not one of those things. I will say that most mountain bikers that I have come across are very courteous but it doesn’t take away from the fact that it is just very intrusive.

Awesome Waterfall!

If you're looking for something else to do, go check out the water fall here. You have to hike down from where you park up the hill to get there, so bring good shoes!

Great Park

Very clean park. Nice waterfalls and hiking trails.