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We always come back!

We've been here 3 times and every single time it has been very relaxing. We go out and soak under the stars and wake up before sunrise to soak and greet the sun. The owners are very nice and we have enjoyed talking with them. Great place for photography especially if you're a dead head. First time we visited there was a reggae band playing for free. I can't review the bathrooms/showers only because I always stay in our camper, but they seemed pretty clean when I saw them other than the shower being a more "communal" type. I highly recommend it here if you're into a more rustic, laid back place to retreat to.

Very unique features

Just want to thank you for sharing this place here. The climbing is awesome and the scenery just adds to the whole experience. There should be an update on the directions that google provides though. We followed them and it took us to a private residence, with no access to the road. Luckily we could find it through our Garmin via the coordinates you provided. Anyone that uses the phone will probably get taken to that residence. We took a lot of NFS roads to get there. Not sure why google does that, but I thought it was worth mentioning. We're definitely going back!

Iconic Northern California beach scene

Parked here to surf, perfect way to end the day with a NorCal sunset.