Soak at Mystic Hot Springs in Monroe

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If you love hot springs and are visiting/live-in Utah then this is a must-do adventure. They are easy to get to and offer a good photo-op that all your friends will be jealous of on Instagram.

The Mystic Hot Springs are truly a hidden gem in Utah. I convinced my boyfriend, after spending the weekend camping in Bryce National Park and mountain biking Thunder Mountain, that we needed to stop and soak on our way home to Park City.

It really wasn’t that hard to convince him. I had already used Google Maps to figure out that it wasn’t that far out of the way. By stopping in Monroe and taking 89 to 70, we were only adding about 15 minutes to our trip. The hot-springs are only 1:40 minutes away from Bryce.

We had no idea what to expect and that’s what made this adventure so much fun. So if you don’t want to spoil your experience and surprise then stop reading this post now.

When you pull into Monroe, UT and realize that you are only miles away from your destination you will be wondering, “where in this little town could these hot-springs possibly be hidden?” From the photos, you can’t tell but the hot springs on the edge of town, which makes it feel more secluded.

You pull up to the hot-spring’s parking lot and immediately see old school buses, painted funky colors and converted into “tiny-homes”. The buses have tie-dye draperies in the windows, Phish bumper stickers and look like they haven’t been moved in years.

There is a door that leads into a little shop where you pay for your day-soak pass and can buy knick-knacks like candles, stickers and patches. You immediately feel like you have taken a time-machine back to the future, 70’s to be exact. The soft-spoken women at the front desk was super nice and showed us where we could change into our bathing suits.

After we changed, we headed up to the pools. My favorite place to soak, and the most iconic, are the bath-tubs that have natural hot-spring water filtering into them. The temperature of all of the pools is different and some are unbearably hot. We didn’t stay long but it was definitely a worthwhile trip and I can’t wait to go back!

For more details on the different pools, how to get there, and how you can stay at the Mystic Hot Springs, click here.

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almost 3 years ago

We always come back!

We've been here 3 times and every single time it has been very relaxing. We go out and soak under the stars and wake up before sunrise to soak and greet the sun. The owners are very nice and we have enjoyed talking with them. Great place for photography especially if you're a dead head. First time we visited there was a reggae band playing for free. I can't review the bathrooms/showers only because I always stay in our camper, but they seemed pretty clean when I saw them other than the shower being a more "communal" type. I highly recommend it here if you're into a more rustic, laid back place to retreat to.

Neat But Pricey

This was a super awesome stop on our desert trip in Utah. It definitely puts the fun in funky. Everyone we met there was laid back and welcoming. Don't be dissuaded by the bad reviews online. They've been redoing some of the buses and bathrooms are old but clean. My only gripe is how expensive it was $16 to soak and $33/person (not tent) to camp but that price does include hot springs entry.

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