America the Beautiful: 10 Stunning Landscapes in the USA

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    A salute to the Great Outdoors.

    There’s no question that the best thing about America is the wild space we love to explore. With the 4th of July coming up, we wanted to share some of our favorite places around the country to get you stoked to get outside and celebrate. If you still don’t have big plans for the holiday weekend, hop in the car and road trip to one of these incredible destinations. You definitely won’t regret it.

    1. Southern Utah

    Photo: Emily Goodman

    Photo: Nick Oman

    2. Glacier National Park

    Photo: Michael Johnston

    Photo: Jason Hatfields

    3. The Pacific Northwest Coast

    Photo: Greg Balkin

    Photo: George Bruce Wilson

    4. The Smoky Mountains

    Photo: Steve Yocom

    Photo: Mason Boring

    5. The Eastern Sierra Mountains

    Photo: Sal Cavazos

    Photo: Nathaniel Polta

    6. Yellowstone National Park

    Photo: Daniel Brittain

    Photo: Chase Dekker

    7. The Rocky Mountains

    Photo: Ian Glass

    Photo: Ryan McKinney

    8. The Grand Canyon

    Photo: Gregg Boydston

    Photo: Michael Strickland

    9. Denali National Park

    Photo: Jacob W. Frank

    Photo: Jacob W. Frank

    10. The Northern California Redwoods

    Photo: Austin Trigg

    Photo: Brian Fulda

    Cover photo: Michael Johnston

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