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8 Gifts Every Adventure Photographer Will Love

Get the gear your favorite photographer needs to get the shot.

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For people with loved ones who are adventure and travel photographers, you know how long the never-ending wishlist of photography gear usually goes. It can also be tough to give gifts to photographers when you aren't a photographer and don't have the faintest clue what they might want. That's what we're here for! Below are a few pieces of gear that our Explorers love, trust, and take with them as they explore the world taking photos. Any of these products would make a great gift for your favorite photographer.

Gnarbox Portable Backup & Editing System

Holly Mandarich says, "For those of you who don't know what a Gnarbox is, it's a small device about the size of an external hard drive that serves two purposes. First, to store your photos / video like an external hard drive would, and more importantly, to connect your photos from your camera to your phone instantaneously! It's now a tool I will always keep in my kit of gear, that I didn't even realize I was missing before hand." Check out Holly's review here


Peak Design Travel Backpack

Scott Kranz says, "Given the genius design of this pack, there are too many “pros” to list in full. The biggest pro, in my view, is this backpack’s all-in-one capabilities. In other words, for someone like myself who rarely if ever travels with fewer than two or three bags, this backpack makes one-bag travel possible." Read Scott's full review here


Sony FE 70-200 mm F4 G OSS

Nate Luebbe says, "Telephoto lenses are far more useful in landscape photography than many people realize. The ability to compress and magnify the background of an image creates a phenomenal sense of scale. Plus, there's always a chance I’ll see a bear, and I'll be darned if I'm going to risk potentially missing that photo because I wanted to save weight by not bringing my tele-zoom. I'm here to WIN!" See what other Sony products Nate keeps in his pack here


Lenspen Hurricane Blower 

John Entwistle says, "Let's face it. To get the shot, you're going to have to get your buddy to absolutely drench you in snow. Now that your lens is covered in snow from getting that last banger, you're going to want to get it off. What do you do? Blow on it? No. The moisture in your breath then causes a beautiful layer of fog across your lens. Turn to the LensPen Hurricane Blower to erase any snow from the face of your lens, without leaving a single mark." Check out John's Kit, Inside a Ski Photographer's Pack


BioLite PowerLight Mini Lantern

Scott Kranz says, "I never know when I’ll need to recharge my phone when I’m out and about, and so I always throw an off-grid power source into my bag or pocket, just to have ready. On this trip, I brought along the BioLite PowerLight Mini. And it doubles as a quick light when I’m searching through the cluttered car during a late night or early morning on the road." Check out Scott's Kit, Must-Have Gear for Your Road Trip through the Southwest


WANDRD Hexad Access Duffel

Dusty Klein says, "I like the bag because of it's well-engineered, photographer-focused organization and being able to access anything and everything very conveniently. I love this bag because it looks good. The black on black, sleek design makes this duffel appropriate for any situation I find myself in. Whether camping, on work trips, or at weddings it has felt at home (and has received compliments) in each environment." Read Dusty's full review here


Western Digital 1TB My Passport Wireless SSD

Nate Luebbe says, "Things can get sketchy when you’re in the backcountry, so I always bring a backup device. The Western Digital My Passport Wireless allows me to create copies of my photos anywhere in the world so I’m covered in case I accidentally drop my camera off a cliff (again). The best part; you can tether your cell phone wirelessly and edit photos in your tent so you’re ready to bless the ‘gram with a heater the second you’re back in service." Check out Nate's Kit, 10 Pieces of Gear Every Backcountry Photographer Should Own


Peak Design Capture Clip

Kyle Frost says, "This little piece of gear will change how you shoot while adventuring. Trust me." Read Kyle's full review here


Cover photo: Jonathon Reed

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