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Outbound Reviewed: Travel in Style Wherever Adventure Takes You with WANDRD's Hexad Access Duffel

The days of digging around aimlessly for clothes and gear are over. This is a gear review for your new go-to travel bag.

By: Dusty Klein + Save to a List

Summer 2018 was one for the books. Each weekend on the calendar from June to September was reserved for some sort of event. Between camping trips, work trips, bachelor parties, music festivals, standing in weddings, and shooting weddings, I feel like I was living out of a variety of backpacks and suitcases between laundry cycles. Summer was fun. Juggling four bags was not.

Being the type of guy that everything I own has a place it "belongs," this hectic throw-everything-in-a-bag-and-run thing was not my style. My unorganized traveling changed when I snagged my new go-to: the WANDRD Hexad Access Duffel.

When I go backpacking I tend to separate everything out into tote bags or dry bags to keep everything within my main pack organized. Food goes in a small tote, cooking supplies in another, and clothes in an entirely separate one. With this WANDRD duffel, I can apply the same sort of compartmentalizing approach to general travel. There are three main sections to the bag where I divvy out my apparel and can re-organize mid-trip to toss all dirty clothes together. The days of digging around to find clothes aimlessly are over.

One thing I've found useful is the smaller weatherproof zipper pockets. In addition to a laptop sleeve, there's smaller areas to store cables, passports, and other valuables with confidence. The absolute biggest game-changer though is if I'm traveling with my camera gear. WANDRD has camera cubes that embed seamlessly into the duffel, removing the need to lug an entirely separate bag along on trips. Even more, the removable backpack straps make this duffel seem more like a stylish pack than a locker room bag. This is all especially convenient traveling by air and bringing ONE bag on as carryon luggage. Traveling photographers: this. is. your. bag.

I like the bag because of it's well-engineered, photographer-focused organization and being able to access anything and everything very conveniently. I love this bag because it looks good. The black on black, sleek design makes this duffel appropriate for any situation I find myself in. Whether camping, on work trips, or at weddings it has felt at home (and has received compliments) in each environment. I'm looking forward to using this bag on more trips and would absolutely recommend it to fellow travelers and photographers.

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