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Feed Exotic Wildlife at Fossil Rim

Glen Rose, Texas

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Added by Korey Taylor

Drive the 9.5 mile scenic road through the 1,800 acre conservation center and feed the exotic wildlife along the way. This is such a fun experience for any age!

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center started it's journey about 30 years ago when a few passionate conservationists took it upon themselves to start a fight to save many endangered species. Over the last few decades they have turned the center from a small park to an expansive area that is home to nearly 1000 animals and 50 different species. The best part about Fossil Rim is that these animals are able to roam the 1800 acre park and live peacefully amongst themselves. They've been so accustomed to people driving the scenic tour that many of them are excited upon your arrival and walk right up to your window and eat out of your hand.

I think it's also important to note that if you take this tour it's very important to be extremely respectful to the area and the park. You should only feed the animals the food you purchase at the visitor's center and don't leave any trace behind. While it's exciting to see these animals and feed them, most of them are on the critically endangered list and it's our job as guests in the park to understand what that means. There's a great link on their website to see all the animals that are in their care at the park and where they fall on the threatened species list.

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Feed Exotic Wildlife at Fossil Rim Reviews

Hands down our family’s favorite place to go. Will never walk into a zoo again. Actually seeing the animals being able to roam beats anything that a zoo could ever offer. Plus they’re happy & not miserable. An experience no 70 acre few thousand animal zoo could ever give you.

The 7 mile trail by vehicle was nothing short of spectacular... feeding all the animals was so much fun. Let’s just say they were nothing short of shy, sticking their heads right into your vehicle to eat. Beware of the ostriches :)

I'm originally from Glen Rose, Texas. Fossil rim would definitely have to be one of my favorite adventures from the small town. Super fun and the environment is amazing. Feeding the various wildlife is a must.

Leave No Trace

Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations. Please explore responsibly!


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