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Rattlesnake Falls

Mount Pleasant, Tennessee

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1.4 miles

Elevation Gain

256 ft

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Added by Katie Y

Note: This Trail is on private property. Do not access this waterfall unless you have the owner's permission.

Note: This Trail is on private property. Do not access this waterfall unless you have the owner's permission.

Rattlesnake Falls is a little difficult to find. The old way to the falls was by asking permission to cross through someone's property. There were a lot of no trespassing signs. Instead, you can park on the side of the highway, where there is a large turnout seen by my marker. You will cross the highway at my marker, where you will climb an embankment. There you will see an ATV type trail that you will follow to the left. You will see the trail go down a steep hill with a lot of brush, as this trail isn't highly trafficked. You will hear and soon see the top of the waterfall as you descend. You can make your way down the steep hill further if you choose, or cross the stream to walk down the opposite side of the waterfall for a much safer and easier climb down to the base. This waterfall has lots of turtles hanging around usually basking in the sun on the rocks, so be on the lookout. When you're ready, retrace your steps back up over the waterfall, over the stream, and back up the hill.

Be sure to pick up ALL trash you have. Do not leave behind anything, even though you will notice lots of other people have not adhered to the Leave No Trace policy that most respectable hikers follow. This property can be closed permanently to outsiders, if people aren't respectful enough to bring their trash out with them. 

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Rattlesnake Falls Reviews

I was not able to find Rattlesnake Falls today. Was informed by the nearby gas station attendant that it was closed due to people leaving their trash. Stillhouse falls is nearby and open and an easy hike.

The parking area is easy to miss, but there is a little pull out off the highway that leads down to small parking area. The hike to the waterfall is easy, but this goes to the top of the waterfall. It looks like a difficult climb down, but if you cross the creek and go to the right, there is only a short section that is hard. My 8 year old is scared of heights, but he was able to do it.

A little scary with all the posted signs but a great adventure!! It was not easy to find so keep looking.

Leave No Trace

Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations. Please explore responsibly!


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