• Taiwan
  • Taitung City
  • Taitung City, Taiwan

    Top Spots in and near Taitung City

    • Taitung City, Taiwan

      Explore the Xiaoyeliu Rock Formations

      Xiaoyeliu, in Taiwan, is one of several similar Yehliu parks in Asia, and there's a reason they're all protected. The massive sandstone slabs lay one on top of the other, jutting into the sea, looking other-worldly. Instead of cloud gazing, try your hand at rock gazing, searching through the abun...
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    • Taitung County, Taiwan

      Hike Dulan Mountain

      2.5 mi / 3904.2 ft gain
      If you find yourself on Taiwan's East coast and looking for a hike, check out Dulan Mountain. You will get unprecedented views of both the magnificent East Rift Valley as well as the East coast of Taiwan. However, the highest part of the mountain is almost always shrouded in clouds, so even thoug...
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    • Chenggong Township, Taiwan

      Hike around Sanxiantai Island

      1.2 mi / 252.6 ft gain
      The Sanxiantai bridge is the most famous landmark on the East Coast of Taiwan. There are literally busloads of tourists depending on the time you visit. But don't let that dissuade you! Astonishingly, 95% of tourists don't go any farther than a photo-op at the front of the bridge. Continue over t...
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