The Best Outdoor Activities in Taiwan

Discover the best hiking, camping, backpacking, fitness, and more.

Climb Snow Mountain

Taiwan / East Xue Trailhead, Wuling Farm, Shei-Pa National Park

When talking about high mountains, Taiwan probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind for most people. Yet this beautiful island is covered from north to south by prominent mountain ranges.

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River Trace to Golden Grotto

Taiwan / San Zhan Parking Area

The hike to the Golden Grotto begins at San Zhan (三棧) township, the next river valley to the south of Taroko Gorge.

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Hike the Zhuilu Old Trail, Taiwan

Taiwan / Zuilu Old Trail

You'll start off crossing the stunning marble gorge on a suspension bridge. An epic way to start any excursion.

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Hike to Wulai Waterfall

Taiwan / Wulai Town Center

Wulai is super accessible from Taipei, with public buses going directly to the town (Bus 849). Once in town, walk down Wulai Old Street until you reach the bridge.

8 Saves

Hike to Baiyang Waterfall in Taroko National Park

Taiwan / Baiyang Waterfall Trailhead

The Baiyang Waterfall trailhead is located near Tianxiang village in Taroko National Park. From Tianxiang village, head north on the cross-island highway.

7 Saves

Hike around Sanxiantai Island

Taiwan / Sanxiantai Bridge Parking

The Sanxiantai bridge is the most famous landmark on the East Coast of Taiwan. There are literally busloads of tourists depending on the time you visit.

7 Saves

Summit Jade Mountain (玉山 Yushan)

Taiwan / Yushan National Park Visitor Center

Yushan National Park is located in south central Taiwan, and is home to many of the island’s tallest mountains, with peaks from the Yushan and Central Mountain Ranges.

5 Saves

Relax at Wenshan Hot Spring in Taroko Gorge

Taiwan / Wenshan Hot Spring

Wenshan Hot Spring is accessible via a short hike that branches off the Central Cross Island Highway (Highway 8) in Taroko National Park.

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Hike Elephant Mountain, Taipei

Taiwan / Elephant Mountain Trailhead

Getting There: The trailhead is super accessible by public transportation, or via Taxi.

4 Saves

Explore the Xiaoyeliu Rock Formations

Taiwan / Xiaoyehliu

Xiaoyeliu, in Taiwan, is one of several similar Yehliu parks in Asia, and there's a reason they're all protected.

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Explore Shihtiping on the East Coast of Taiwan

Taiwan / Shihtiping Parking Lot

Getting There: The entrance to Shitiping is clearly marked off of Highway 11, which runs down the east coast of Taiwan. It takes about an hour to get there from Hualien, the closest major city.

4 Saves

Visit Eluanbi Lighthouse (鵝鑾鼻燈塔) in Kenting National Park

Taiwan / Eluanbi Park

Eluanbi lighthouse is located on Eluanbi Cape, within Kenting National Park at the southernmost tip of Taiwan.

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Hike Dulan Mountain

Taiwan / Dulan Mountian

If you find yourself on Taiwan's East coast and looking for a hike, check out Dulan Mountain.

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