Visit Eluanbi Lighthouse (鵝鑾鼻燈塔) in Kenting National Park

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See the historic lighthouse at the southernmost tip of Taiwan

Eluanbi lighthouse is located on Eluanbi Cape, within Kenting National Park at the southernmost tip of Taiwan. The lighthouse was originally built in 1883 as a result of frequent shipwrecks, caused by hidden reefs, typhoons, and strong southerly winds from Taiwan’s impressive mountains. It has been restored twice, after being damaged during the First Sino-Japanese War and during World War II. To get to the lighthouse, you’ll enter Eluanbi Park (entrance fee of 60 NTD, about $2 USD). The park includes wide-open grassy fields that would be a great spot for a picnic, and several walking and hiking trails. Visitors can walk the grounds of the fortified lighthouse and visit the adjacent gallery that gives a brief history of the area, though the lighthouse itself is not open to the public.

From the lighthouse, hiking trails lead down the hill towards the ocean, supposedly to coral caves and other unique rock formations. Unfortunately, when we were there the path was closed, as it is sometimes damaged by typhoons.

On the 10-15 minute drive to the lighthouse from downtown Kenting, stop off at Shadao Ecological Reserve  (砂島生態保護區) aka Sand Island, for scenic photos of the coral reefs and stunningly aqua colored water. 

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