Hike to the Martuljek Waterfalls

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Added by Nina Trdan

This is a great, lovely hike in the heart of Slovenian only national park. About two hour long hike leads to several beautiful waterfalls, one of them being the third highest in Slovenia, over a hundred meters high.

Starting from the parking area you walk along the road for a few meters until turning left onto asphalt cycling path. Follow this path at first and then continue straight on a forest road. Follow the signposts for 'Brunarica Pri Ingotu' at all crossroads. Before long, you come to a meadow. There the path splits in two.

The first one crosses the bridge from which you can see all along the valley and the beautiful river that runs through it, which you continue to follow. This one is a bit more dangerous, because of falling rocks, but it's worth it as you can truly feel the nature and power of water. The path is set really close to waterfalls so you can touch them as well. All the way the dangerous parts are protected with a safety net. After some walking you cross a bridge from which there is a lovely view close by the biggest Martuljek waterfall. In spring time you also have to pass some waterfalls by walking over the water, as the snow is melting.

The second road starts as a wide tractor road and goes trough a light forest. It's safer, but a pity because you don't see as much of the waterfalls as in the first path. The paths meet not far away from the biggest Martuljek waterfall. Then you continue your forest hike until coming to a bridge, where you pass small seasonal river.

In front you'll be able to see an alpine meadow, where there is an alpine farm called 'Pri Ingotu', opened from April till autumn. There you can take a breath and enjoy an amazing sight of several mountains.

If you feel adventures you can continue to the second Martuljek waterfall on well-formed paths.

I think it's a lovely family day trip, or a place for a photographer to find his or her inspiration.

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