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Samantha DrakePRO

Aquatic Park has been my outdoor gym since the shelter-in-place order went into effect in early March. I’ve been swimming at least a couple times a week throughout the spring and summer. There are always plenty of people out on the bleachers to keep an eye on your belongings and a number of people out in the water at all times. Water temperature these last few months has been perfect, especially with earplugs and a wetsuit cap.

A great quick and high-intensity climb. The top of the stairs is fairly overgrown, but the views on the way down more than make up for it. A great way to get in some exercise and amazing views after a long beach day.

Do NOT park on the right side of the street. There are "No Parking" signs, but you'll see plenty of other cars parked there, deceptively leading you to follow suit. It's a $75 ticket :( However, if the lot is full, you CAN park on the left side of the street! (Confirmed by a park ranger.)

It's tough returning to reality after a week at Rise Up! We were a group of 10 (all with limited to no surfing experience) and we had an absolutely wonderful time on this week-long excursion. The location and accomodations exceeded expectations - a little slice of paradise. Phil and his crew immediately put us at ease in the water and had everyone standing on Day 1. Daily yoga sessions offered a nice mid-day break and helped restore sore bodies and relax active minds. In addition, Rise Up offers a number of outings and activities that expose to you the region and local culture (horseback riding, tortilla making, volanco boarding) - take advantage! The camp strikes the perfect balance of activity and relaxation - you'll return feeling restored, but also excited to get back up on a board and keep practicing. A great trip for groups or individuals (plenty of other people at the camp) and for surfers of all levels. Be sure and take advantage of the massage that is inlcuded as part of your package. You don't need to pack much - it's very casual - but would recommend also adding a yoga towel, high socks, and bug spray to your packing list!

Dress warmly!! It can get pretty cold out there. Also, the Safeway right by the beach sells kindling and firewood.