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The Best Backpacking in Peru

Looking for the best backpacking in Peru? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Peru. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top backpacking spots in and near Peru

  • Anta, Peru

    Backpack the Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu

    44.5 mi
    Day 1: Cusco to Soraypampa to Wayracpunku (9 miles)The trail starts at 12477 ft and proceeds towards Salkantay Pass at 15090 ft. It's a gradual climb and incredibly beautiful. From the pass, it's a short downhill to the campground in Huayracmachay at 12477 ft. Even if the weather is sunny and cle...
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  • Caylloma, Peru

    Trek Colca Canyon

    14 mi / 3675 ft gain
    Colca Canyon is an amazing hike and truly an awe-inspiring place to explore... it's just a little tricky to get to.Notes Before Hand: 1) In the Peruvian city of Arequipa, you will need to take a 5-6 hour bus to Cabanaconde to reach the Canyon. Tickets for the bus can purchased at main bus statio...
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  • Urubamba, Peru

    Backpack the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

    26.5 mi / 6279 ft gain
    Day 1: Cusco to Ayapata (10 miles) The trail starts at 8,923 ft at the main gate operating the permit and passport check-ins at KM 82, Piscachucho. You'll cross the Urubamba River on a suspension bridge and proceed towards Ayapata at 10,829 ft. It's an easy day on the first day and should take ab...
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  • Abancay, Peru

    Backpack to Choquequirao

    28 mi / 9523 ft gain
    Choquequirao, located in Apurimac Canyon, is a remote historical site of the ancient Incas also known as “the Lost Machu Picchu.” Most treks to Choquequirao take 4 to 5 days as you must cover 28 miles (45 km) and hike up and down the Apurimac Canyon.Day 1: When you arrive at the trail you can see...
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  • Yungay, Peru

    Backpack the Santa Cruz Valley: Vaqueria to Cashapampa

    28 mi / 3445 ft gain
    Permits and Logistics:You can do this hike in fewer days if interested as there are many National Park approved campsites to choose from. According to the "Casa de Guias" the Huascaran National Park may start cracking down on independent trekkers who are choosing to camp outside of the designate...
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  • Bolognesi, Peru

    Trek the Huayhuash Trail in Peru

    81 mi
    I wanted to share my most recent adventure in hopes to inspire some of you to do it as well!  Everyone thinks of the Inka Trail when they think of Peru, but Peru has sooo much more to offer, and at much more reasonable prices too!  I did the Huayhuash trail self guided and I spent about a total o...
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  • Carhuaz, Peru

    Backpack the Laguna 69 - Pisco Base Camp Loop

    Most people opt for a day trip to Laguna 69. You'll get picked up by your tour in Huaraz early in the morning, drive 3 hours to the trailhead, hike to the laguna (which is spectacular), take pictures with dozens of other people, and then head back down to return to Huaraz. Here's a more adventuro...
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  • Mollepata District, Anta, Peru

    Backpack the Ancascocha Trail to Machu Picchu

    35 mi / 30000 ft gain
    Spanning just 4 days, but featuring 7 summits over 15,000 feet (and topping out at nearly 17,000'), this trail is not for the faint of heart.  Since the trail is extremely remote, permission must be attained from the locals. This is most easily done through a local guide company (I went with Kill...
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  • Distrito de San Pedro de Casta, Peru

    Hike to Marcahuasi and the Ancient Figures

    3 mi / 3280.8 ft gain
    The trekking starts in San Pedro de Casta at 3,000 meters from sea level and is a route of 4.9 km and up to 4,000 meters above sea level. The path has a viewpoints where you can take many photos of the valley and some farms.After 5 hrs of walking we got to The Anfiteatro, a concourse surrounded b...
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  • San Salvador de Pampas, Peru

    Bacpack to Rupac, City of Fire

    4.6 mi / 1312.3 ft gain
    The route starts in San Salvador de Pampas in Huaral. It is 4 hours from Lima. San Salvador de Pampas is known as the phantom village because people went down to La Florida in order to get access to better ground for farming.We started the walk at 12:00 pm after having a very good lunch in Pampas...
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  • Arequipa, Peru

    Backpack El Misti

    15.5 mi / 3600 ft gain
    If you ever find yourself in Peru, I highly suggest taking the time to check out El Misti. You'll see this monstrous beast, long before you get anywhere near it. Even while you're resting in your hostel in Arequipa, days before the trek itself.  Standing at 19,101 feet, to summiting El Misti is a...
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