Hike to Marcahuasi and the Ancient Figures

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    3 Miles

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    3280.8 Feet

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Marcahuasi is a mystical place near Lima, Peru. There are a stone figures that represent different characters or animals.

The trekking starts in San Pedro de Casta at 3,000 meters from sea level and is a route of 4.9 km and up to 4,000 meters above sea level. The path has a viewpoints where you can take many photos of the valley and some farms.

After 5 hrs of walking we got to The Anfiteatro, a concourse surrounded by giant stones molded by the wind and rain for many years. Here we prepared the camp site and then we explore a viewpoint waiting for the sunset. Then we got back to the camp site to slept.

On the second day we walked to Infiernillo, a fissure in the stone, the stories it tells has no end and if someone gets in he will turn crazy or never come out. After, we got to lagoon Cachu Cachu, here took a rest and saw some andean ducks and woodpeckers and more stone figures like a valley of seals, turtle, the horse and many more. We continued the route to La Fortaleza a giant mole of stones which raise in the southwest of the plateau. After that we walked southeast to Santa Maria zone, here there are many chullpas also is the highest point of the plateau and has a beautiful view of the plateau of Marcahuasi (4,000 meters above sea level). Finally we returned to the Anfiteatro to rest and eat. Then we walked to the northwest to the Lagoon of Huacracocha, around you can se more stone figures like the profit, more to the northeast there are more chullpas in the end of the plateau with a beautiful view of San Pedro de Casta below. In this part of plateau there is a cross which means the christianization made by the Spanish to our ancestors.

We prepared the camp site in this part for overnight.

The third day we waited for the sunrise in between the chullpas and started the route down to San Pedro de Casta, this route is called the short route but it required more strength because of its bad condition.

The first point to see is the cabana of Dr. Daniel Ruzo. He named many of the stones figures and studied the old civilization that lived there. Then we saw the Peca Gasha or Monument of Humanity, this stone figure has two faces in different times depending of your point of view. We continued this route until it gets one with the long route.

We got to San Pedro de Casta at 10:00 am and we ate a trout until the community bus arrive at 12:00 pm and returned to Chosica and then to Lima.

Another story is that aliens sculpted these figures in the stones. This is the reason why many people go to Marcawasi--in order to get some extraterrestrial connection. So take a good camera for take some photos of nocturnal sky, you will not regret.

Pack List

  • Sleeping Bag
  • Tent
  • Water for 3 days
  • Food for 3 days
  • Clothes for cold weather (0° Celsius)
  • Sport clothes for the exploration
  • Trekking poles
  • Backpack of 60 liters
  • Camera
  • Extra camera gear
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Alejandro Flores

Adventure calls!!! I want to rediscover the Lima valleys. Is a dream for me to help the people of the little towns in the sierra of Lima to get a real thinking of the potential of their local ruins, landscape and trekking routes. There are so many places waiting.

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