Hike the High Rocks State Park Loop

Tinicum Township, Pennsylvania

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Two-hundred foot cliffs overlooking the horseshoe bend of the Tohickon Creek. Follow the High Rocks Vista Trailhead for some great views and awesome pictures.

High Rocks State Park, a section of Ralph Stover State Park, offers visitors some of the best views in Eastern Pennsylvania. Across from the parking lot on Tory Road, you will find the main trailhead. This will lead you to several different trail options, all varying in length, and all bringing you to beautiful scenic spots. The trail I suggest taking is the yellow/red loop.

From the High Rocks Vista Trailhead, take the trail that leads you straight into the wooded area and out to the edge of the cliffs and turn left. This will put you directly on the yellow trail section. This trail runs along the edge of the cliffs the entire time. It will bring you to several amazing viewpoints overlooking the Tohickon Creek. Safety is ensured along the entire trail by a small fence along the edge of the cliffs, making this location both family and pet friendly.

After taking the yellow trail for approximately 1/4 mile, you will come across the "red" trail. I use quotation marks because it is more of an unmarked trail at this point. The red trail markers are fading away, and most are entirely gone, but it isn't very difficult to follow. This trail continues alongside the cliff and creek, while the yellow trail veers off to the left, back into the wooded area. Follow this cliffside trail for approximately 1/2 mile and it will lead you through the wooded area and meet up with the yellow trail in an open field area of Tohickon Valley Park. The small park has a few picnic tables to rest and/or eat at. The yellow trail picks back up as a gravel path before sending you back into the wooded area again, and after approximately 3/4 mile you will be back at the beginning of the loop.

This is also a popular location for rock climbing. There are hooks along the top of the cliff, and experienced climbers (with the proper gear) use this location all year long. If you are interested in mountain biking, the yellow trail can serve as a great out-and-back option.

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Hike the High Rocks State Park Loop Reviews

Ralph Stover has so much to offer - hiking, swimming, and rock climbing. Even the drive to the park is beautiful as this part of Bucks County is very idyllic and rural.

Definitely my second favorite hiking spot in this area. There are some good trails and views, a stream, and a few rock climbing areas. Only enjoy hiking at Haycock Mountain better than here!

I live right around here, and this place has definitely become a hot spot in the past year or so. While it may be crowded on nice days, down by the river is usually less so. The trail is very simple, it is basically a big loop. The beginning of the loop, if you start by descending right when you come from the parking lot, will lead you closer to the river with some cool lookout opportunities, and then take you back to the top. If you’re coming from the parking lot, going left will take you to the trail, but if it ever feels worn out or if you want a simpler more secluded walk instead, you can go right which will lead you to Ralph Stover (facing the direction in which you are turned away from the parking lot). Just make a left at the road where the trail ends, and you will be walking towards the Red Bridge crossing the creek at Ralph Stover. I’ve also seen a lot of mountain bikers taking this trail instead of the typical High Rocks hike, but if you are very advanced, i assume this is fairly easy. I am definitely nostolgic about this place, so I might be slightly biased!

I like hiking at Ralph Stover. While the areas close to the vistas tend to be crowded, a short walk down one of the trails toward the creek will often provide some solitude. The trails here are poorly labeled but it's almost impossible to get lost.

From the parking lot, you only need to walk 500 feet slightly downhill into the woods to get a number of great views from the cliffs. As you progress down the trail there are many opportunities to get pictures of small waterfalls. Around 1/2 mile towards the left of the parking lot, at the end in the river, you can scale down between the cliffs and walk along the river. There are rock beds near the river that make a great place for a short break. Coming here on a sunny day is hard to beat. There's a fantastic energy to this place. From the signs reminding you to "make someone smile today", to the the birds flying overhead, there's peace and tranquility to be found and enjoyed.

parked near the ranger station at Ralph Stover and took the bridge/Stover Park Road to connect us to the High Rocks Trail. before you realize it you're enjoying the views from the High Rocks Vistas- this hike is quick. spent a little time soaking up the scene at each lookout. watched some climbers work the walls. don't let the simple trail network sway you, this place is worth your afternoon.

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