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  • Norway
  • Norway

    Take in the deep greens of the countryside, stand atop winding fjords, ski snow-covered mountains, and chase the Northern Lights. A trip to Norway is an adventure into the heart of Scandinavia.

    Top Spots in and near Norway

    • Voss, Norway

      Hike to Viewpoint of Voss at Kolinseggi Summit

      1.4 mi / 450 ft gain
      You will drive to the end of Lemmesvegan 151, passing through two gates along the way. This is a drive that you will need directions for if you are not familiar with the Voss area. From the parking, the trailhead starts just beyond the cluster of small cabins that are within view from the parking...
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    • Vestvågøy, Norway

      Explore Unstad Beach

      Unstad beach is one of the beautiful beaches in the Lofoten area of Norway. Unstad has beautiful golden sand and is surrounded by majestic mountains. Its location and geography allow for the formation of large waves in addition to the beautiful beach itself. Because of the large waves this is a r...
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    • Hadsel, Norway

      Summit Mt. Møysalen

      6.8 mi / 4140.4 ft gain
      This is a steep hike that is close to mountain climbing on some parts. Not for people afraid of heights. Also it's a must to be in good shape to be prepared for this.The route is partially marked and there is a path from Kaljord in to Lonkfjorden. Barely one kilometer from inner Nordbotn, you wil...
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    • Ulvik, Norway

      Ski across the Hardangerjokul Glacier, Norway

      Hardangerjøkulen is the sixth largest glacier in mainland Norway. It is located in the municipalities of Eidfjord and Ulvik in Hordaland county..Hardangerjøkulen's highest point is 1,863 m (6,112 ft) above sea level, and is the highest point in Hordaland county. Its lowest point is 1,050 m (3,440...
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    • Flakstad, Norway

      Winter Hike to Kvalvika Beach

      1.2 mi / 500 ft gain
      From the parking lot walk across the road to the small sign indicating which way the trail begins through the bushes. The beginning of the trail heads through the birch forest and can be boggy in places. In the winter the trail can be hard to follow at times but on average stay to the right and y...
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    • Nesseby, Norway

      Backpack to Sundejavri in Finnmark

      9.3 mi / 1003.9 ft gain
      IntroductionI walked this just by exploring a bit, and just deciding where to walk on the day, so I can't be too descriptive unfortunately, but you start at Nyelv, in Finnmark, Norway, at a trailhead signpost just a little bit off the E6 road.The turning to the trailhead is to the left before the...
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    • Hol, Norway

      Cross-Country Ski Geilo Skisenter

      9 mi / 984.3 ft gain
      In Norway they created a national sport that is harder than running, slower than walking and can only be done in winter. It sounds insane but is actually amazing fun and complete beginners can pick it up in a few minutes - XCountry skiing!Throughout the Geilo ski resort are the parallel tracks th...
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    • Sør-Varanger, Norway

      Hike to Treriksrøysa, 3 Border Cairn

      6.8 mi / 360.9 ft gain
      IntroductionThis walk takes you to Trerikroysa, in English meaning “3 border cairn” – which is the only place in the world where 3 different timezones meet, namely that of Finland, Russia, and Norway. The walk is a manageable 11km, along wooden boards that have been placed over the marshland and ...
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    • Evenes, Norway

      Explore the Best Locations in Lofoten in Winter

      Visiting Lofoten during the polar winter, the sun doesn't rise, so you'll want to make the most of the short hours of daylight if you want to visit the best spots. We only had a long weekend for our trip, so we spent most of our time exploring the area between Leknes and Å. Even though we are exp...
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    • Skjervøy kommune, Norway

      Orca Watching in Skjervøy

      There's only a short window of opportunity every winter between November and mid-December in northern Norway to go out into the fjords and see orcas out hunting with their young calves. The orcas come into the fjords to hunt the herring during this short window in the deep winter. The used to hun...
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    • Alta, Norway

      Hike Komsa Mountain

      2 mi / 665 ft gain
      Starting at the trailhead there are a few different routes available to get to Komsatoppen. Options include a loop, and two out and back routes. The loop is the longest trail taking about 45 minutes, where as the out and back trails take about 15-25 minutes depending on your fitness level and pac...
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