Hike to Treriksrøysa, 3 Border Cairn

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Take a hike to the only place in the world where 3 time zones meet. A beautiful peaceful hike through forest and marshland to get to a truly unique tri-point.


This walk takes you to Trerikroysa, in English meaning “3 border cairn” – which is the only place in the world where 3 different timezones meet, namely that of Finland, Russia, and Norway. The walk is a manageable 11km, along wooden boards that have been placed over the marshland and forest trails with only slight incline at the end.

You start with a fairly long drive into the National Park which takes you down a very long bumpy mud road, used mainly by the military which have a post in the park to watch the border. Your starting point is a shelter, made by the National Park, which has a covered seating area, fire pit and chance to go indoors in case of emergency. It also has an outside toilet, which is perfect after the long drive! Feel free to use the shelter and its facilities.

The Walk

The start of the walk is pretty well signposted, and takes you first through serene forest, crossing a bridge over a stream far below. You then continue crossing between walking in forest, to walking on wooden boards that have been placed over the marsh areas.

There are various signposts that tell you about the border history and the practicalities of the border, i.e the border is remarked every 25 years. There are certain chances along the way to step into the border zone (without crossing over of course), so be sure to go venture off track and have a closer look at the border posts.

Whilst walking you will probably be passed by two border guards, who are very friendly, usually young military personnel doing their mandatory service for the Norwegian army. They have to get to the cairn before you, and they usually have a fire going with some coffee which is an awesome welcome.

When you get there, they will let you know which bits you’re allowed to touch, and which places are forbidden. For example, the rock cairn itself you can touch, but the white triangular stone at the top is prohibited. Touching that would mean you would be breaching international law, which might make for a slightly less fun day out!

I’ve done the walk twice, and both times the guards have been super friendly and personable. There’s also a guestbook up at the top you should sign, and see the people who have visited from all over the country.

The trail back is the same one you took up. All in all, a beautiful peaceful hike through forest and marshland to see a truly unique border point! 

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