Hike to Trolltunga, Norway

Trolltunga, Odda, Norway

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Distance: 22 km (13.6 miles) roundtrip. Duration: 8-11 hour hike if done in one day. Elevation gain: 900 m (2,950 ft). Located in the Hardangerfjord region. One of the most incredible hikes in Norway. Amazing fjord and glacier valley views. Dramatic landscape and multi-terrain hiking.

Odds is the nearest town to this location. From Odda, you can either drive or take a bus through Tyssedal up into Skjeggedal. The main parking lot is almost impossible to miss, located on the right hand side at the end of the road.

The first km of trail is a steep rock stair ascent. During the rainy season, it can become incredibly slippery, so holding onto set fixed ropes is necessary. After the stairs, there is a huge valley to hike through that leads up to the next big ascent. In the valley, if you are running low on water, there are a ton of streams where you can fill up, just make sure you filter it. The water tastes incredible!

The next big ascent includes a mixed terrain of slick rock and snow, depending on the season or sporadic weather. Wet shoes are inevitable! After several more kms, you will start to see the incredible lake of Ringedalsvatnet on the right hand side of the fjord, if visibility is good.

Usually, the remainder of the hike is either in mud and rock or snow, depending on conditions (we had snow in late July, so any and all hiking conditions should be expected!). When you finally reach Trolltunga, you will usually be greeted by a bunch of tourists lined up to take a photo on this famous glacier-formed rock ledge.

I recommend leaving early, around 5 or 6 am, so that you don't end up behind the afternoon crowd. The day is long and feels like it will never end, but it is so worth it! The hike back will take around 4-5 hours to complete.

Pack List

  • Good day pack
  • Camera
  • Nalgene bottle (1-2) or similar
  • Lots of snacks and a good lunch
  • Good gore-tex boots with ankle support
  • Additional pair of socks
  • Waterproof layers and a good windproof jacket
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This is by far a very challenging hike however very rewarding with breathtaking views and an incredible journey on the way there. By the way, the hike is not 13.6 miles as stated online, forums, websites, etc, it is actually 16.4 miles; so consider that for a full day of hiking. This hike took us a good 10 hours to complete.

5 months ago
5 months ago

Did this hike a couple years ago in September with some of my friends from the U.S. We rented a car in Oslo drove across the country to do this hike. It's pretty tough but man every step is worth it. The views are incredible and the end is one of the best places on earth. If you are ever in Norway you have to do this!

6 months ago
6 months ago

We made the mistake of going before the season, and being too stubborn to rent snowshoes, so we did this trek with snow up to our waists (at certain points). Despite being aggressively underprepared, this was one of the most memorable experiences of my Norway trip. Sitting there at the tip, looking out on to the fjord was absolutely priceless. I'd advise trying to time it (Or stay the night) to get some time there to yourself. Especially during peak season.

6 months ago
6 months ago

One of the most breathtaking hikes I have ever been on. The climb does not usually take 8-11 hours if you keep a steady pace, my group and I finished in around 6 hours tops. Keep in mind we are all very young and active though. The climb is not specifically treacherous in good weather conditions, but it is extremely steep. You can see many individuals of all ages climbing Trolltunga - including elderly. You just have to know what your limits are, and mostly everyone I saw had a climbing stick with them. On the way down you are going to put A LOT of stress on your knees, especially if you are hiking at a fast pace. So make sure you take care of yourself and prepare ahead of time; a walking stick is almost a must if you don't want to endure some knee pain later on. Also give yourself some time to relax at the top; if you want your picture taken, you are going to have to wait in a line (I know, disappointing and kind of ridiculous, but if you really want your picture that bad then go for it, either way it's a beautiful journey).

over 1 year ago
over 1 year ago

The first and last km of this hike was extremely challenging, but oh so worth it for the view at the end! What an amazing experience, definitely try to get out there as early as possibly to avoid a big line at the ending photo op, and to ensure a place to park. Wouldn't recommend trying this one out in the rain but on a nice day it's spectacular!

about 2 years ago
about 2 years ago

Try to camp up there! If you get up early you are all alone and you can enjoy the view and silence. Plus you don't have to hurry up to get back in time. Enjoy the hike, taste the fresh water and take your time at the first Kilometer.

over 2 years ago
over 2 years ago

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