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Amazing views of Catalina Island on a clear day!

This was a great easy/moderate trail which starts out paved. The upper pool looks especially great in the winter as there is plenty of snow mounds underneath!



Finally got to see the number one thing on my bucket list! This has been number one since I saw a picture of it when I was in Cub Scouts! It did not disappoint! No wonder there were hundreds of people there on a Wednesday afternoon.

Knowing we wouldn't be able to do Angels Landing with our 2 year old in tow, we hoped this would be the next best thing, luckily we were right! Views were stunning

Good little place to explore, but hard to find. Glad to have The Outbound to be able to point out exactly where you need to go!

Just like the Rim Trail at the Grand Canyon, you can't find a bad view along the rim. Recommend hiking into the Canyon to get up close and personal with the Hoodoos

This was a great drive. The view points were spectacular, until a snow storm came in and we couldn't see much of anything. We got to see the Natural Bridge which was great!

Just finished this one and it was great! Decent hike and very fun

This was an amazing winter hike! Visitors Center told us we needed boot spikes, but we went ahead anyways with our hiking boots, worked perfectly. The Hoodoos are so great to see at a closer distance!

Pretty cool to take a stroll along the same trails dinosaurs once did millions of years ago. Easy trail with cool views of dinosaur tracks

100% Coolest part of this park is the diverse selection of food trucks during weekday lunch hour. Not a bad place to take in the views of downtown Dallas while grabbing a bite to eat. The child's playground is also very unique and a huge hit for our daughter

Turner Falls is great. I remember going camping and swimming in the fresh waters pools as a teenager. The spring when the pools were full was the best for splashing around and rock jumping.

Growing up, I had always wanted to go to NYC, get to the top of a building, and just stare out at the giants I had seen in so many pictures. I finally got my chance at the age of 27, and it did not disappoint. My favorite view had to be on the north side overlooking the world famous Central Park! Top of the Rock is worth every penny!

This was the first "Trail" our family has ever hiked that wasn't an actual trail. Simply follow the trail markers along the beautiful white sand dunes. Very serene if you can make it to the park before crowds show up.

Its an absolute stunning display of color in the sky watching the balloons take their early morning flight! It's no wonder why people come from all over the world to witness this event.

We got the opportunity to walk the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge this summer and it was stunning. Make sure to bring some extra cash to purchase some local goods from the street vendors!

Great hike to the springs, make sure you pay attention to trail signs as it can be difficult staying on the trail. Lots of overbrush making it a challenge to figure out where you are going if you are new to the trail. Overall great experience with relaxing hot spring

As a couple people have already mentioned, there really are NO natural springs you can jump in while in the park. They are all covered up with green boxes that are a bit of an eye sore. I'm sure the boathouse experience is great if you have the time and money, it's just a same they couldn't leave any springs uncovered and in the beautiful outdoor setting that surrounds the National Park. We did enjoy the fact the National Park basically has its own Brewery, Superior Brewery, right on bathhouse row. Superior Brewery is the last converted bathhouse heading north of Main Street.

These cliffs are amazing. Dangerous if you don't know where you need to jump, but definitely worth it! Boating through the Colorado River to get to the canyon is also very beautiful

It is absolutely unbelievable to think that such an amazing underground cave system like the Carlsbad National Caverns exists. The breathtaking hike down into the cave is truly a once in a lifetime experience! Amazing National Park, and amazing lifelong dream fulfilled

It's pretty unbelievable what the Southwest has to offer, and the White Sands National Monument fits right in there with the best of the best the region has to offer. Who would have thought sand sledding would have been so much fun!



Loved this hike