Nick A.

A great alpine climb close to Seattle

This climb is a blast! The trail is well maintained up to the talus field that takes you to the base of the Tooth. Get there early to beat the crowd, or late to avoid it all together. There are plenty of rappel anchors but it's a good idea to bring a few extra double runners and maybe a few rings just in case. Plan on three to four short pitches to the top. Parking lot to parking lot a group of 5 made it in under 9 hours. Enjoy!

Easy Trail with Plenty of Alpine Views

The gentle, steady slope of this trail makes for a great weekend get away. Four and a half miles in, you will come to a shelter and a nearby toilet. Very peaceful and full of color. This overnight would be a great way to get someone into backpacking. For a bit of extra adventure, take a short hike up to Meany Crest and set up camp there. It is just before the Frying Pan Glacier. The sunset views are amazing.

about 4 years ago

Up With The Old And Down With The New

Start early and beat the crowds. With the new trail, there are lots of people at the top. The old trail is a great trainer for more serious peaks in the cascade. Recommend descending the new trail to save the knees.

A great hike

This is one of my favorite hikes from my childhood. A few fellow hikers but not many, this is one of the places where one can really achieve some solitude in the wilderness...for a spell, at least. Stay on the trail and beware of snakes and centipedes. Wear gaiters. Enjoy.

Get there early.

As is my habit, I got to the trail head early, around first light. I was surprised that there were already quite a few folks in the parking lot. The hike climbs gently up to the ledge where you get great panoramas and a nice view of Mount Si. The trail is very well maintained, even for the winter. There were a few untrained dogs off-leash that detracted from the experience but overall it was a nice hike and good places to shoot some photos. On the way down, it seemed like there was a line just to go up the trail. This is one of the busiest hikes I've been on, especially in the winter. Get there early and avoid the rush.

Nice Run...crowded

A nice three mile loop around Greenlake. Get there early, get there late...doesn't really matter: it is a high traffic area and is always a bit crowded. A nice run though, and a place to enjoy the outdoors in the city.

about 4 years ago

Pretty Alpine Lake

Hiked in February, we experienced a maintained trail that became very slick with lots of snow and ice about halfway up. On the way to the lake, the views sneak up behind you. Beautiful, sweeping panoramic of alpine peaks contrast artfully against the evergreens. The lake was frozen and mostly covered in snow in February. Will definitely return for a fresh experience this summer.

about 4 years ago

A Lush Hike To The Top

We got turned around a bit and happened on our destination quite accidentally. Lush green mosses and ferns abound. Beautiful colors and a looming haze added to the slightly mystical intrigue on our way up. The hike is not too long and before you know it your under the overlook tower. Plenty of room to hang out and picnic for a while. I'll be back in the summer in hopes that the fog will be gone and will not obstruct the view from the top.

about 4 years ago

A Hidden Gem...

The trail was fairly maintained with quite a few downed trees. Plenty of slush still on the trail in mid-March, but nothing that requires chains. The lake is an emerald beauty, quite a bit larger than expected. Nestled deep, not too much in the panoramic landscape arena, but beautiful nonetheless. Go to the far side of the lake for peace; lots of people cramp the shores where they arrive and most lack general wilderness etiquette. Or go on to upper Lena.