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  • Nicaragua

    Top Spots in and near Nicaragua

    • NN-226, Nicaragua

      Hike to San Ramon Waterfall on Ometepe Island

      5 mi / 1000 ft gain
      San Ramon Waterfall is on Volcano Maderas on the south end of Ometepe. The trailhead starts off at a Biological reserve in San Ramon where you pay an entrance fee of $3/Person and can park your car. From there you take a long driveway up through a beautiful plantation and end up at a hydro-electr...
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    • La Laguna, Nicaragua

      Relax at Laguna de Apoyo

      30 minutes from Managua and 20 minutes from Granada, Laguna de Apoyo is a Nature Reserve in a volcano that imploded on itself, filling with water. As a result, it has turned into a thermally vented, clean lake made for swimming, kayaking, tubing, or just plain ol' relaxing.I recommend staying at...
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    • San Jacinto, Nicaragua

      Hike up Volcan Telica

      12.5 mi / 2600 ft gain
      Due to the logistical issues of this trip (i.e. camping gear, route finding, transportation, language barrier) many travelers choose go with a guided group. Quetzaltrekkers offer this 2 day trip for $55 US. With the right gear, it would be possible to do this trip without one.The journey begins a...
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    • Ojo de Agua, Nicaragua

      Swim at Oyo de Agua

      Getting there is relatively easy. You can drive up to the parking with your car / motorbike or have the bus drop you off at the main road and walk the last mile.You will need to pay 3$ per person at the entrance. Right afterwards you can dive into the pool, prove your balance on the slackline tha...
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    • Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

      Relax on Little Corn Island

      After flying out of Managua to Big Corn Island, you will then take a ponga over to Little Corn Island and arrive at Farm Peace Love on the north end of the island. Regardless of staying at the farm or not, the diving here is fantastic. You can stay on Little Corn Island at an assortment of places...
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    • Masaya, Nicaragua, Nicaragua

      Summit the Masaya Volcano

      3.6 mi
      The most memorable adventure of this truly unforgettable trip to Nicaragua was the day we hiked the Masaya Volcano. By truck or car, you have to ascend the steep incline of the mountains to get to the entrance to Masaya Volcano National Park. It is possible to hike up, but the hike is long and st...
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    • Miramar, Nicaragua

      Surf Chicken Bowels and Launch Ramps in Miramar

      There are lots of places to stay in the Miramar Area. I stayed in La Barra Surf Camp, but there are 4 or 5 in the area. These surf camps will usually arrange you to be picked up in vans from the airport in Nicaragua's capital of Managua. It takes about 2 hours for the vans to get you and your boa...
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