Surf Chicken Bowels and Launch Ramps in Miramar

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Added by Jonathan Robbins

Offshore wind, 85-degree water, solid south swells, and cheap beer. What more would anyone want?

There are lots of places to stay in the Miramar Area. I stayed in La Barra Surf Camp, but there are 4 or 5 in the area. These surf camps will usually arrange you to be picked up in vans from the airport in Nicaragua's capital of Managua. It takes about 2 hours for the vans to get you and your boards to the Miramar area. Basically all there is to do is surf, and it's so hot outside that surfing is all you will want to do. 

Straight out front of where I stayed is a left barreling reef break called Chicken Bowls. To the south a couple hundred yards is a super fun beach break that I have never seen close out. That wave is called Launch Ramps. Go north past the reef-break and there is another left point-break actually called Miramar that also barrels. There is usually also the option of boats taking you to surf spots, and without giving too much away I'll just say you are within 20 minutes of at least one world class wave. All camps in Miramar have access to all of these waves. After surfing any of these spots there is nothing better than a cold Toña. These camps also take care of meals most of the time. I personally was able to have fresh lobster nearly every night! Waves are pretty uncrowded, so keep it low key ;). 

The conditions here are almost always good, as it lies within the area that receive Nicaragua's famous offshore winds. The reefs can be pretty sharp and the waves are heavy. There are beginner waves, but the real reason anyone should come here is for rippable walls and heaving barrels. 

The best season to come is when the Southern Hemisphere is cranking, and that is usually between May and October. It is possible to absolutely score an early or late season swell though. Size in summer is usually around head high to slightly overhead but may get as large as double overhead+. Do not come in winter. It may be flat.  

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