Kaikoura Flat, New Zealand

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  • Kaikoura, New Zealand

    Whale Watch in Kaikoura

    A couple hours north of Christchurch, New Zealand sits the very small tourist and fishing town of Kaikoura. The drive from Christchurch brings up up along the coast to where it hugs the reaching foothills of the Southern Alps and the Pacific Ocean. Once you reach the town, there is plenty to see ...
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  • Kaikoura Flat, New Zealand

    Hike to the Summit of Mt. Fyffe

    10.6 mi / 2952.8 ft gain
    From the car park follow the old road grade which eventually narrows into a hiking path. At about the halfway point you will pass the Mt. Fyffe hut, a popular overnight destination. Track continues ever upward in a north-easterly fashion until you arrive at the broad summit where views to east fa...
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  • Kaikoura, New Zealand

    Hike the Kaikoura Peninsula

    4.3 mi / 196.9 ft gain
    From the Point Kean carpark head south up the paved walkway until you reach the Clifftop Walk. This trail will take you past East Head and Atia Point before it becomes the South Bay Lookout Walk. When you reach car park at trail's end turn back the way you came and descend the stairs near East He...
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  • Half Moon Bay, New Zealand

    Explore Ohau Waterfall

    0.2 mi / 0 ft gain
    Prepare yourself for the cutest walk you will ever go on! This short trail follows a stream filled with playful, furry, seal babies! Over a hundred seal pups come to Ohau Stream and Waterfall every winter. They come here to hone the skills they will need on their own in the wild while their mothe...
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  • Ward, New Zealand

    Hike through Sawcut Gorge

    2.5 mi / 328.1 ft gain
    Driving on Hwy 1, just south of a little town called Ward, roughly 48km south of Blenheim, there is the turn off onto Ure road. This is the only turn you have to make in order to find the entrance to Sawcut Gorge. Follow this gravel road through private land and farm land to reach the car park 12...
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  • Hanmer Springs, New Zealand

    Hike to the Summit of Mt. Isobel

    5.6 mi / 2624.7 ft gain
    Start at the Waterfall Track Car Park. Follow the Waterfall Track along Dog Stream and through thick beech forest until the intersection with the Mt. Isobel Track (all intersections are well signed). Here, a quick detour brings you to Dog Stream Falls. Return to the track and head up the steep an...
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  • Hanmer Springs, New Zealand

    Hike the Waterfall Track

    2.5 mi / 1500 ft gain
    Relatively short day hike that involves a few stairs and bridge crossing brings you to a cool spot called Dog Stream Waterfall at the end of the Waterfall Track. While the waterfall itself is cool, the hike itself is pretty great. Steady climb up to the 41 meter waterfall, offering some great vie...
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  • Hanmer Springs, New Zealand

    Hike the Forest Journey

    2 mi
    This track is located just outside of Hanmer springs, and is the perfect afternoon or morning walk. Don't plan on this taking a whole day as the longest loop takes an about 90 minutes, if you are taking your time and enjoying it all. There are clear signs that guide you on this amble through the ...
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