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Such a big payoff with very little effort needed. It's the perfect after work or only have a short amount of time spot. Highly suggest packing some food and drink and having dinner at the top during sunset. Just remember to carry all your trash out! The trail can get muddy in spots so if it has rained recently make sure you've got the proper footwear and an extra pair of socks just in case.

A quick but rewarding hike. The view is expansive and the rock ledges are great for a summer picnic after work to watch sunset. Note- the trailhead is closed Friday to Sunday does to disrespectful hikers visiting and leaving trash all over. Monday through Thursday however it is an absolute gem.

While I didn't get to swim in the river, because I visited in winter, I got to stand next to it and daydream about jumping in during the warmer months. It looks like a perfect summer spot to take a dip. I was amazed though, our guide told us at the water temp at the time we visited (early Feb.) was about mid 40's. The air temp was 15. Because of the hot pools, the water temps in the park are significantly higher than you'd think. This just made me want to go explore the swimable hot springs.

Stunning landscape. I have already started planning my trip back so I can explore this area even more in the summer/fall months. Winter was great, especially when you take to snowmobile tour through the park. At the time we got to Midway, my group was the only ones there, so we soaked up the peace and quiet.

Beautiful spot within Yellowstone! Was able to experience it during winter when the ground was blankets with fresh snow. Only issue was we were not able to walk most of the boardwalks because Bison had taken over the area to keep warm. Nevertheless, an amazingly beautiful spot.

12 of my closest friends and I took a snowmobile tour through Yellowstone, stopping at Upper Geyser Basin along the way. The scenery is breathtaking. We were lucky enough to witness a bunch of Bison hanging out around the pools too which only amplified the experience. For photographers, this is definitely a must stop within the park!

This is a super fun out and back hike. Just be ready to have some tired legs after. The hike along the Gill Brook Trail is beautiful and peaceful. Then you get to the junction, left and you trek up Nippletop, right, you start up Colvin. It is...up, but the view is rewarding. Give yourself enough time to enjoy each location and time for some breaks.

Indian Head and Fish Hawk Cliffs is probably THE place to visit during the Adirondacks fall foliage. The view is jaw-dropping, which is why it attracts so many people each year. Definitely take the Gill Brook Trail also. Whether it be on the way up or way down. The route includes some beautiful waterfalls.

Hey Liam, while yes this is in the Minnewaska State Park Preserve (next to The Gunks) it is still considered to be the Catskills. The Official Catskills Tourism office (visitthecatskills.com) classifies the Catskills as Greene County, Sullivan County, Delaware County, and Ulster County (which is home to The Gunks and Minnewaska State Park). Nevertheless, it is an awesome hike with a great draw of being able to walk up the ridge to the summit. Happy hiking!

I decided to head out and tackle Colden the day after it snowed about 5 inches (snowed 41 inches about two weeks prior). The trail was very well marked despite some of the blazes being covered by the snow, yes there was that much snow up top. Once on top, it was a whiteout, such a surreal moment just looking at white all around you. I will definitely be back in the summer to experience the full view but this winter hike was worth every second.

This is a great hike with a huge payoff at the top. The views are fantastic making it a great sunrise and peak foliage hike. There is also a cool section in the middle of this hike that requires a stream crossing. during the winter, if cold enough, it partially freezes over and offers some great photo opportunities. The smaller little waterfall also freezes so if you have micro spikes enjoy trekking right up the falls.

If you are in Capital Reef or even just passing through, stop and hike Cassidy Arch. Very easy to get to as you turn left into Grand Wash right off the Scenic Drive, and follow the road to the end. Following the cairns is very fun, and provide some unique photographs.

Beautiful overlook and even better at sunset. The basin below is great when the sun is going down and every thing illuminates red. You can find a few different spots to set up your tripod and camera, just watch your step. It's a long way down.

If you are over looking at Double Arch then you should definitely stop over at North South Window and Turret Arch. Short loop hike with 3 different photo spots. Shooting at night is still the best though as it is crowded during the day like most arches in the park.

If you have the chance to go up to Double Arch at night it is perfect for taking star photos. You also will not have to deal with the crowds it gets during the day.

Decided to hike out to Delicate Arch in the early afternoon and man was there a lot of people. It is an incredible arch though. When you can get some photos without people standing under it, definitely take advantage. I sat there for about 2.5-3 hours and just waited for sunset. I had a similar experience the Grant (below) in that some photographers yelled over to a group who were just standing under the arch when the sun was in peak position. So, note to those who visit during sunset time, do not just hangout under the arch for a long time or you will have people yelling over at you to move.

Very easy hike and definitely worth it. There are multiple spots to get photos of the arch so get creative. Just watch where you are standing since there is a major drop off. Crowded like the others have said but I suggest making the stop to take a look for yourself.

Double O is pretty awesome. It is far enough away from the trailhead and other arches that it does not get very crowded. This is a great place to stop and have some lunch before continuing on the Primitive Loop.

If you are looking to see multiple arches on one hike then the Primitive Loop is for you. Great loop that has some rock scrambling also to add to the experience. Be sure to follow the cairns along the way and repair those that have fallen.

Pretty cool arch to visit while on the Primitive Loop. I liked that you could walk through it and explore a little on the backside of it. Worth the visit.

Great view of the valley from this arch. Be sure to hit up the other arches along the way to Partition. All of them are beautiful!

Easily the most popular loop in Bryce Canyon. Everyone wants to see the famous Wall Street and for good reason. Really unique and fun to walk through it. Be prepared to share the trail with a lot of people no matter what season it is.

This loop is now in my top 10 favorite hikes. The landscape is stunning and it is not very crowded so at times you have a stretch of 2 miles to yourself (in November at least). There are plenty of places to photograph the hoodoos and get up close to them. Take note of a few places and go back to them for sunset/star gazing.

Talk about an experience. This hike will get your hear pumping that's for sure, both because of the elevation and because of the drop offs. You may be fine with heights but this hike will get your heart pumping a bit, especially when you have 1000 foot drop offs on both sides. Once you get to the top though, jaw dropping. Go early as getting down is the harder part and it usually gets a bunch of traffic later in the day.