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  • Mineral Del Chico
  • Mineral del Chico, Mexico

    Top Spots in and near Mineral del Chico

    • Capula - El Chico, Mexico

      Bouldering in Mineral del Chico

      To get to Mineral del Chico you have to drive 11 miles from the city of Pachuca. The town is next to the National Park El Chico, which you have to go through in order to get to the town. Registration and payment is not needed. Once you are in the town, it is necessary to buy food and water for th...
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    • Mineral del Chico, Mexico

      Rock Climb in Las Ventanas

      Las Ventanas is an amazing rock climbing spot for beginners and intermediates. It is located in a national park called El Chico. This is in the state of Hidalgo, just one hour and a half drive from Mexico City.Its is very accesible by car, you have to drive as if you where heading to the town El...
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    • Zacatlán, Mexico

      Explore "Valle Piedras Encimadas"

      In order to get from the city of Puebla you should take the toll road and follow the detour to Tlaxcala (toll road 117). Once you pass through the city of Tlaxcala, you should take the federal road towards Apizaco, the road will take you to Zacatlán, through Tlaxco. Upon reaching Zacatlán you mus...
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