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One of the few / only spots in Pt. Reyes you can take your pup to if you head south on the beach. Really interesting area with a variety of sea life abound - take an hour walk and keep your eyes on the water to see dolphin, crabs, jumping fish, etc. If you're really brave, you can head north to Tubamancha and get in some great windsurfing

Probably my favorite Pt. Reyes hike besides Estero Trail. You get it all on this one (Tamales Bay, ocean, flora/fauna) and it isn't too difficult if you want to take your time on it. Not the shortest drive to the trailhead but worth it

As many of the other reviewers have noted, going early and beating the crowds is the way to go on this one. This should be a mandatory hike for every outdoor enthusiast in the Bay Area and a good one to get you interested, especially after it rains


This is an amazing hike with a great payoff at the end. Be sure to bring some water and read up on it a little before - not too difficult but a little more strenuous than a lot of the Marin hikes

This is definitely a chill spot to take a very chill dip!


Really awesome spot - make sure you go on a day without too much wind!

try to reserve the campsites closest to the ocean if you can - much better if you're right on the edge

bring a headlamp if you run in the evening!

Sweet views of the ocean from the cliffs above at the end of the hike

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