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Luan Baruti

I'm a Swiss guy enjoying the mountainscapes I live in.

Great campground! Amazing view of the night sky. Very interesting rock formations (Jumbo Rocks). Be careful when climbing them!

Scenic and very accesible

Must-stop when driving through Lone Pine. Make sure to look up the exact drive to the parking lot before you leave as there's no cell service. The (unpaved) roads can be quite confusing.

Great hike! Unlike the other falls in Yosemite, Vernal & Nevada Falls carry a lot of water even during high summer. Less crowded after Vernal Falls. But be very careful when descending - the granite steps can be very slippery. Bonus: For a great cardio training try hiking/running all the way up to the top of Nevada falls as fast as possible!

Neat view, very accesible and can be kinda crowded.

Mono Lake is easily one of the most surreal places I've been to - we camped at the south side after leaving Yosemite over Tioga Pass. Stunning how the landscape and vegetation changes so quickly! The weather looked bad when we got there - but then the sun set the sky on FIRE just after sunset. Also, the weather can change pretty fast so be prepared for everything. Summary: extraterrestrial surroundings, fire in the sky at sunset, golden sky at sunrise and great thunderstorms with lightning in between.