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10 Photos of My Solo Road Trip through Oregon

My adventure from Salt Lake City to Oregon in the springtime

By: Leo Xu + Save to a List

It was April and I decided to do a road trip to Oregon for the very first time.

The route I chose was to drive through Nevada and enter Oregon from the bottom. I like to drive in the night so I can have the whole day time to explore. First stop was Crater Lake National Park. I drove around 12 hours in the night. Even though it was April, the lake was covered by snow. All the trails were closed and it was freezing. I entered from south entrance and found that not too many people were there. 

After Crater Lake, I drove through Umpqua National Forest heading to Toketee Falls. I love the road by Diamond Lake, from the picture below. With the epic Mount Thielsen in the background, I had to pull over and walk to the middle of the road to snap this picture.

The third stop, Watson Falls, is a 272 ft waterfall on Watson Creek. To get a picture with her, I used a timer and tried to get closer, but it was too slippery and I fell, broke my tripod, got a few scratches, and mud all over my clothes. Oops.

Fourth stop, Toketee Falls, where I stayed my first night in the tent in Toketee Campground.

Fifth stop, Abiqua Falls. It's in the middle of nowhere near Salem, but I have to say the Oregon countryside is so pretty, I really enjoyed 4 hours driving from Toketee to Abiqua. It's actually only 0.8 miles hike, but the road to the parking lot was full of bumps and pot holes and I drove my little Saturn Ion, so I had to hike like 2 miles in, but it was definitely worth it!

Sixth stop, Latourell Falls. It's located in Columbia River Gorge and before I got there, I spent one night in my car in a mall's parking lot.

Seventh stop, Multnomah Falls, I think it's the most popular one in the Columbia River Gorge and it's only 15 minutes drive from Latourell Falls. I went to the top of the falls - it's about 2.5 miles round trip, but personally the view on the top isn't as good as from bottom.

Last stop, Trillium Lake, my favorite spot in the whole trip. It was so peaceful and I was the only person that stayed until sunset. I'm so glad I did!!

So it was a three day, two nights trip with a total of 2,190 miles (5324 km). I slept once in the tent, once in the car, did two near all-nighters driving, and went three days without a bath and food, only power bars and water. Maybe it sounds crazy, but I really enjoyed it.

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