Lauren Foltz

videographer | rock climber

Thanks for recommending this hike! I just went today with my dog. He's such a couch potato, but it was really nice to get him outside and active on a nice hike. It was a perfect time to do this hike because it was cloudy but had a light breeze. The sun would poke out a few times to make it a little warm, but the hike was enjoyable. I can't see myself doing this during the hot summer though. A couple times it was pretty steep going up, but not bad. Popular trail. View is amazing at several parts of the hike. I like that there were restrooms at the parking lot and dog bags -- convenient. Beware of poison oak in some spots. Also, cows are around. We were in close proximity to a bull -- I was kind of terrified -- but all went well and kept my dog close to my side. It took us a total of 2 hours to do this hike. We parked on the left side just before the designated parking lot for Taylor Mountain. FREE.

I went back on another climbing trip earlier this year, and I was lucky to time this trip with a new moon. A group of us drove out to the Milks and sat there near the giant Peabody Boulders looking up at the sky for a little over an hour. It must've been the most spectacular meteor shower I've ever seen too because I couldn't count the number of shooting stars we all saw. It was also REALLY cold out there, probably around 10 - 15 degrees, or at least it really felt like it. We sat there in awe, feeling wonderfully insignificant, and huddling close with hand warmers in our pockets. I'll never forget that night sky. My camera's battery was dropping pretty fast. I tried to take some good night shots, but I wasn't really satisfied with it in the end. Night photography is such a challenge for me... I'm hoping I'll have a better chance this summer since the milky way's core is visible now :)

When we were visiting, Vancouver was having a really bad storm that wiped out power some parts of the city. Unfortunately (but good thing for us!), one of the spots that was hit with no power was the Capilano Suspension Bridge, and admission was half price. Surprisingly it was still crowded! We waited about 30 - 40 minutes in line to pay for our admission tickets. The office had to manually charge people, writing out receipts and accepting cash. Finally we got in and enjoyed walking across the packed bridge. Unique attraction!! I've never really been on a suspension bridge before, so this was neat. Gorgeous area, hands down. We explored the area after crossing the bridge -- walking through the treetop exhibit. That was another fun thing to do. Great place to bring the family and just explore for an hour or two. Super crowded though. Another great place to experience a suspension bridge is up in Squamish at the Sea to Sky Gondola.

Lots of trails to explore with your dog. So beautiful here!

extremely crowded. lots of mosquitos. short hike. some pretty views.

Such a great warmup spot. Best done early in the morning to avoid crowds (like what Hayden said in his review). Bathroom hut is close by and so is a pair of crutches.

I did my first backpacking trip on this trail with a group of friends. It was really hot in the summer, but it was super nice to dip in the water for a bit. Lots of mosquitos! Quiet even though it's a popular trail, and it is SO beautiful. Highly recommend this trail.

get yourself out of the gym and head over to this place. the boulders are endless! grippy rock, great friends, beautiful scenery. you can bring your furry friend with you too! we used to camp right next to the Get Carter boulder, but now you're supposed to only camp at the pit or stay in town at Hostel Ca. (highly recommend staying there during colder weather) Buy the guide book. You'll have a lot of projects :) Buttermilk classics that I have fun on: Iron Man Traverse (V4), Pope's Prow (V6), Birthday Direct (V3), Buttermilk Stem (V1)

Hands down the best spot to boulder. I've been climbing for 8 years now and traveled to several places that include Yosemite, Bishop, JTree, Smith Rock, and the Yukon Territory in Canada, and this is it for bouldering. I absolutely love how all of the routes I've tried resembled that of gym climbing, which is a luxury. The flakes provided excellent holds that were both challenging and fun because you'd have to remain technical with your feet work. Plus, the aesthetics of the route was ideal. A wide variety of things to climb out here on grippy stone. At first, I thought it was lame to have a limited number of people per day and that you'd have to pay a guide to go to places, but after going through the trip, it's worth it. It saves you a lot of time when you have a guide for East and West Mountain, and I highly recommend Colin Barnes if you're looking for a good guide. He's not only an experienced climber but he takes you to where you want to go to. He's really easy going, friendly and is great with communication via email. I don't know what other guides charge, it could be the same amount, but he charges $20 per person per day. (may have changed now) That $20 will get you out of paying the park entrance fee of $7 per person per day. Park entrance fee is $7 per person per day. Depending on the number of days you're staying there and the number of people you're with, it may be just worth it to get the annual park pass. I know that sounds ridiculous especially if you're flying out there and won't be planning to come back that same year, but you save a lot more money that way. To check for guided tours and signing up for one, go to Wagon Wheel Coop's link: North Mountain is super popular and it is unguided. To be able to climb at North Mountain, you may want to reserve passes a month or two in advance because weekends are packed. Once you reserve your passes, you need to be at the park HQ before 10 a.m. or else your passes will be surrendered to the people lined up at the entrance wanting to get into North. So, make sure you get there before 10 a.m. or else you will have to wait in line. Also, you will have to watch a 15 min. film that talks about the park and conservation efforts. **It's about 40 min. from the El Paso airport, so plan for transportation time to the park** We were lucky to see one or two pictographs on the rocks when we were climbing. History on the rocks! Overall, a highly recommended place to climb and hike. Fees left and right, but they're doing a great job at regulating and preserving the history there. I plan to be there same time next year.

(The full five stars goes to the place, not the tour we took.) Went through Antelope Slot Canyon Tours: Not much of a tour, but AMAZING place. SUGGESTED MAIN POINTS: -Go on Scenic Tour at peak hour; next catch Lower Antelope Canyon -Very touristy -OK Tour; BEST scenery EVER. If you're looking to learn about the geology and culture of the place and people, I suggest you don't take this tour. However, the place is sacred and so breath-taking, I swear it IS one of my favorite spots in the world, so far. My boyfriend and I decided to go at the peak hour because that is when the light rays come in, offering excellent shots for photographers. It was pretty crowded when we were there, but apparently that isn't considered 'busy' to the tour guides. I guess the tour guides are so used to people caring only about their photos that they just TELL you how and where to take pictures. And, factor in that people from all over the world go to see this site and don't speak English. So, you might as well just hand them your camera and let them take your pictures for you... I really felt rushed and the open car ride to the place was extremely bumpy and dusty. After you take this quick tour to see the Upper Antelope Canyon, hurry over to the Lower Antelope Canyon for a discounted price. THAT tour was similar but MUCH quieter and just as, if not, BETTER than the Upper Antelope Canyon scenery.

We hiked the 7.5km Sea to Sky trail and it was possibly my favorite hike I've ever done so far. It is definitely an advanced trail and plan to spend about 3 hours on it. The hike is well marked with green triangles. Keep an eye out for it on logs and trees because you can easily wander off the path and get lost. Some parts are really steep going straight up and other parts require using the ropes and chains. You do get to hike next to Shannon Falls at one point though. Overall, the hike is so so so gorgeous and so much fun for the outdoor enthusiast. When we went, it was a weekday and there was a break in the storm so there was hardly anyone on it. (Oh, and be bear aware. We didn't encounter any, but I hear you have a good possibility of seeing one.) At the top, we enjoyed the lookouts. The suspension bridge was cool! There's another short trail that is great for families and strollers. I believe it's a scenic loop. It was nice to relax indoors by the fire at the restaurant area. Prices are little steep, but we enjoyed the $5 coconut curry soup. $10 to ride the gondola down. We were advised not to go back down on the same trail because it's more dangerous on the slippery rocks. The ride on the gondola was pretty sweet though. I couldn't believe we hiked that distance and that grade.