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Alpine Start launches a new coffee...with benefits

Boulder-based Alpine Start is launching a new line of matcha and coffee -- with a boost of vitamins and mushrooms.

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Many moons ago, on a climbing trip to the Bugaboos, professional climber Matt Segal decided that enough was enough. The instant coffee currently on the market just wasn't cutting it, and he decided to start Alpine Start with his friend Alex Hanafin -- instant coffee that actually tastes good.

The Original Blend - can confirm, tastes great

Cut to several years later, and Alpine Start has been a favorite of outdoorists like myself, as well as many professional athletes like Cody Townsend, Emily Harrington, Nina Williams, and more. I just drink it when I'm out car camping (or being lazy in the morning at home)...folks like Cory and Adrian Ballinger have made it their drink of choice while tackling new routes on Everest.

Later, during his recovery process after a serious paragliding accident, Matt teamed up with Alpine Start employee Mikey Crouch to find new ways to get something more functional out of their coffee. Mikey, who grew up on a mushroom farm, started brewing some of his homemade functional coffees for Matt and they spent the next few years perfecting their formula.

The new Coffee With Benefits

What came out of it is their With Benefits line, which is now live on Kickstarter. coffee and matcha infused with a few extra benefits (other than lubricating your digestive system). The formula contains things like:

MCT (medium ) a quick, natural source of fuel for your brain. When MCT's are consumed, they go to the liver, where it breaks them down to carbohydrates or ketones that your body can use more quickly for energy.

Organic Lion’s Mane & Reishi extract (mushrooms) - These mushrooms have been shown to provide benefits for your immune system, cholesterol levels and blood sugar

It's also got all the classics, like all-organic ingredients, vegan, GMO-free, no added sugars, and all that jazz. Plus, it just tastes good -- which has been a driving force behind everything that Alpine Start has done thus far. Thank goodness.

You can find Coffee With Benefits on Kickstarter, and learn more at https://alpinestartfoods.com/!

The new Matcha With Benefits

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