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How to Make the Most of 5 Days in Wyoming

With only five days, you can cover a surprising amount of ground if you put your mind to it.

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Wyoming has plenty to offer, whether you're looking to do some hardcore backpacking or just simply drive up and get out of your car at some of the most breathtaking spots in the country. We spent five days in Wyoming, and covered a lot of ground and a mixture of activities from hiking to backpacking to drive-up sightseeing.


The Wind River Range is an immense portion of land south of Grand Teton National Park. It's best to pick a manageable section and let that be your goal. And if you're not comfortable in cold weather, then you'll probably want to go prior to September. We went in late September at the peak of fall, but it may have well been the dead of winter due to recent snow fall and a cold front.

Tent view Wind River Range

Campsite Wind River Range

Full disclosure: There was more room in front of the tent than it appears due to the angle of the photo, so this was not a dangerous setup per se, other than the snow and the cold.

Drive-up Spots

The next set of pictures comes from easily accessible 'drive-up' or nearly 'drive-up' spots.

Teton Park Road

Snake River Overlook (made famous by Ansel Adams)

Famous Moulton Barns on Mormon Row

Jackson Lake, Grand Tetons

Off the Beaten Path

When you see a dirt road, take it. And then when you get to the end of the dirt road, get out of your car and hike a little bit. You’ll see things that most people don’t and capture angles of the mountains that are unique. Just don’t forget your bear spray when you get out of the car.

Unnamed dirt road near Signal Mountain in Grand Tetons

River access via dirt road

Campground Spots

We stayed at the Jenny Lake campground in Grand Teton National Park a couple of nights, and on our last morning we took the short walk down to the lake to capture our final sunrise. Sunrise is also the most likely time to get some calm water in hopes of getting that buttery smooth reflection!

Jenny Lake

Jenny Lake


If your goal is to snap wildlife photos, then head to Yellowstone. Grand Teton National Park has plenty of wildlife, too, but you’re almost guaranteed a close up shot at Yellowstone. Just be smart, use a telephoto lens and follow the distance guidelines for staying a safe distance away from the animals. No selfies with the Bison!!

American Bison

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone Lower Falls


If your trip includes multiple activities like ours did, you may want to plan to do the backpacking portion first. That’s the part that is somewhat out of your control depending on the weather, and could also take an extra day depending on your ability to acclimate to the elevation. You can then adjust the rest of your trip accordingly.

We want to acknowledge and thank the past, present, and future generations of all Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore, and play on. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations. Please explore responsibly!

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