Drive along the Signal Mountain Road, Grand Teton NP

Wyoming Signal Mountain Road

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    Summer, Autumn

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This scenic and peaceful drive through large stands of conifers provides opportunities for wildlife viewing, as well as panoramic views of the Teton Range and Jackson Hole Valley.

One of the prettiest drives in the park, Signal Mountain Road is located just about a mile from the Signal Mountain Lodge. This 5 mile drive (10 miles round-trip) switchbacks up a tree-lined paved road to the top of Signal Mountain Summit. Once at the top, you will be treated to beautiful views of the Teton Range, Jackson Lake, and the Snake River, as well as the Teton Valley below.

The drive begins just about a mile from Signal Mountain Lodge and there is a large sign marking the beginning of the road. The road is narrow so drive slowly and enjoy the scenery. Black bears and mule deer are frequently seen in the Signal Mountain area. Once you get to the top, it's a dead-end. You will arrive at a parking lot, where you will see the East View Overlook, with views of the Jackson Hole Valley below. You can then walk up the paved path to the West to get to Jackson Point Overlook where you will see gorgeous views of the Teton Range, including Mt. Moran. Wildflowers are abundant here in Summer, and Fall colors are gorgeous.

Please note that this road is closed in the Winter months, and trailers and RV's are prohibited.

Pack List

  • Appropriate clothing for the season
  • Camera, binoculars
  • Snacks and water
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The description nailed it! An amazing drive, good road and very well maintained. Two words of advice DRIVE SLOW! This is a narrow two way traffic road with no painted lines and lots of curves that create poor visibility of incoming traffic and even wildlife. I've seen elk, deer, moose and yes, BEARS! Mainly black bears frequent this area. There's a couple of overlooks at the top of the mountain, I recommend both at sunrise and sunset. Take some binoculars or a spotting scope. Hardly any humans first two weeks after opening and as the other review stated the park is virtually yours in the fall. As you approach the last curve before the first parking lot please be aware that there might be people walking that you may no be able to see, so please slow down with time. This first overlook requires a short hike to an amazing panoramic view of the Teton range. The second overlook is a short drive away from the first parking lot. I usually go to the second first, also depends on the time of day. If you see a bear on the road STAY IN YOUR CAR. DO NOT HONK at them or get out of your car. DO NOT LURE THEM CLOSER with food. If you see a moose first thing you need to know is you have already underestimated this creature, they are not clumsy, slow or dumb. They are actually very quick and aggressive and have been known to chase and trample humans especially if they have calves with them. Remember GTNP is not a petting zoo these animals are WILD. Be safe and enjoy!

over 1 year ago
over 1 year ago

My cousin and I did this on snowshoes since the road is closed in the winter. The view is just as good with everything covered in snow.

over 1 year ago
over 1 year ago

And not a half bad spot to sit and glass the abundant wildlife of the Tetons. Just to the south of Signal Mountain is a heavy griz and wolf area... and you'll likely see tons of elk as well.

over 1 year ago
over 1 year ago

It's a bit of a long slow drive but the views are worth it. The top is a great vantage point for a sunrise pano of the Teton Range and you'll likely have it to yourself in the fall.

over 1 year ago
over 1 year ago

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