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Jordan + Jacki Bolt

Given it's remote location, the parking was surprisingly busy. Mostly cars on the side of the road, but space is limited given the skinny roads. We only intended to stop off for a short while, but every step of this hike leads to more great views. To start it's one foot in front of the other to get up the side of the mountain. But, the Old Man is a great target, and kept up hiking far longer than we had intended. 360 views!

Great place to photograph. If you go when the weather's a bit colder and the sunbathers are gone, you'll basically have the beach to yourself. While you're there, don't miss the chance to check out the Yorktown National Battlefield and the historic village just above the beach.

The Cliffs are among Ireland's top tourist destination for good reason. If you go after hours, the crowds are mostly gone and you might be lucky enough to catch a great sunset against the cliffs.

The views here, and the rocks, are iconic. An absolute must if you're anywhere nearby. Even after hours the rocks were still crowded making it difficult to get a clear picture. However, the nearby cliffs were entirely vacant and incredibly scenic in their own right. Highly recommend.

The waterfall is relatively close to the entrance of the forest, so in mid-May it was teaming with swimmers and site seers. Beautiful waterfall, but hard to get a picture without lots of people in it.

A short hike for a great view! Easy enough to pack your picnic and bring it to the top. Not a quick drive though. Be sure you know where you're going, as there's only a few signs and definitely no cell service. Weather can change quick at the top!

Thoroughly enjoyed this hike. Plenty of views along the way, which isn't always the case in the Blue Ridge. Good choice for a less-popular hike.

Unexpectedly beautiful area. Agree with the previous comment about this being a challenging place to photograph. Worth a shot though! Great camping in the monument at Saddlehorn Campground.

Great views at every turn on this road. Takes you through nearly every element of the park. The change in altitude is no joke. If that sort of things bother you, you might consider taking it a bit slow. Can't say you've seen Rocky Mtn NP if you haven't been through the full route though. Amazing.

The campground was super busy, with a lot of family seemingly vacationing for the week. However, we thoroughly enjoyed the chance to stay in the park and spend the evening in the shadow of The Watchman. If you're not looking for a quiet, secluded site, this is a great place to set camp.

This hike is easy and fun, and so long as the sun isn't too high in the sky, there's some nice shade protect from the Death Valley sun!

This hike is beautiful, and the perfect distance for a mid-afternoon hike. It's a relatively easy three miles, but still gets you out into the mountain air.

Camped just off the shore of June Lake for three nights in June. Perfect place to camp, albeit a little windy. Nearby brewery served great craft beer, and there's a nice market in town where we picked up some much needed supplies. About 1.5-2 hour drive to Yosemite Village, so if you're making that trek, start early.

Definitely agree with the previous comment about hiking up the rock pile for some great pictures. For a late summer sunset we encountered more people than we expected. But, as the crowds died down the lake and surrounding area became incredibly peaceful and still. Worth staying a while to take it all in.

Truly one of the most beautiful places on earth. Go for sunset, and don't expect solitude. Given the chateau and the lake's general popularity, you'll need to hike a bit further from the main viewing platform if you want any peace and quiet.

Had an absolute blast photographing the bison in Yellowstone. We visited in early summer, so finding wolves, big-horn sheep or moose proved to be challenging. Still, entirely worth it as the bison, elk and deer were available to photograph at every turn. Even a couple bears in the distance.

Park regulars who were camped near us recommending getting the Old Faithful for sunrise. Made for a really early morning as we had to drive from the opposite side of the park, but so glad we heeded the advice. While Old Faithful is usually surrounded by crowds, we witnessed the world's most famous geyser in relative solitude. The light at sunrise made from some great pictures as well.

The Firehole Lake Loop is definitely worth the few extra minutes it takes to visit. While many other locations in the park were busy, this loop was quiet. The hot springs, the mud pools were just as spectacular as any we saw at the park. Can see a lot in a short distance because many of the locations have only a short walk to the end of a boardwalk.

This huge park is full of people participating in all manner of activities. There's runners, bikers, roller bladers, picnic-ers, boaters, and anything else you can dream up. There's plenty of space and probably someone willing to join in!

Colonial Williamsburg is certainly full of history, but it can be a bit hard to get through the tourists at times, and difficult to find parking. DOG Street is busy almost year round. During the holiday season there's even an outdoor ice skating rink down the middle of the road. And, the college nearby definitely brings in the foot traffic during the school year. A great place for kids, dogs, and a slow afternoon meandering or grabbing a bite at any of the cafes. However, if you're looking for an outdoor adventure, you're better off heading to nearby Yorktown or Jamestowne, both of join with Williamsburg to form the Historic Triangle and are just 20-minutes away.

Hiked the South Kaibab to Bright Angel trail in early June with an overnight at Bright Angel Campground. Hike down was pleasant with great views of the canyon. Even with an early start, was nearly 110 fahrenheit by 9:30 a.m. Made for a quite a long, toasty day at the bottom as we didn't start our ascent until the following morning. Thankful for the Bright Angel Creek! We started the hike out at 4 a.m. to beat the heat. The bottom leg of the hike up to Indian Garden Campground was a breeze without much elevation change, but the last 4.5 miles up the Bright Angel Trail are a real challenge in the heat. Make sure to stop for water and take chances to enjoy the view from a few shady spots!

Beautiful hike with a lot of variety in terrain and scenery. A definite highlight in the South Lake Tahoe area. However, pay close attention to signs and do your homework ahead of time. As you approach the last couple miles the signage and path seem to disappear. Depending on what route you take there's some pretty steep scrambling and the route to the summit isn't initially clear once you reach the top of the scrambling. Completely worth the confusion though, and the view is accessible even before you get to the peak.

Nice, short hike with great views along the way. Beautiful mountain lake. Definitely some crowds near the parking lot, and parts of the trail, but there's plenty of space to explore near the lake.

Enjoyed a couple nights at Mather before and after an overnight hike down into the canyon. Great location to get an early start in the morning, and great to relax after you've finished hiking. Big trees provide nice shade from the sun. An elk even walked right past our campsite during an afternoon nap! Showers and laundry facilities were busy, but much appreciated after a few weeks on the road.