Jonathan Portinga

Craft Brewer and Adventure Seeker. Dragging my wife and puppy all over northern Minnesota to shoot pictures and ride sweet sweet single track.


about 4 years ago

Fantastic views

Love this hike. I prefer parking at the Munger trail head but that's probably because I got really lost when I parked at the other lot. The views are great and some of the trail sections can be pretty fun.

Great story of reclamation after mining

The trails are well built and the trail side camping is unbeatable. There are better trails in northern Minnesota but the Cuyuna system is putting lots of awesome effort into this project. Maps are available, all the locals know the trails and the trails are marked to infinity. it's an awesome place for nice intermediate ride.

Minnesota Staple

The swinging bridge is a classic. Every Minnesotan needs to go at least once in their life.

Favorite stop in Iceland

Landmannalaugar was my Favorite stop in Iceland. The Rainbow Mountains are simply stunning. I wish I had more time to hike there and would love to go back some day. Thanks for the info.


almost 5 years ago

Must stop in Iceland

Just got back from my Iceland honeymoon and I really can't stress how amazing mount Kirkjufell is. Simply beautiful.


almost 5 years ago

Trickier in the Snow but Still a Spectacular Hike

My wife and I hiked this SHT section in mid April and there was still quite a bit of snow left. This made the hike a bit harder but it was still a very scenic and worthwhile hike.

Amazing Trail Network

Tettegouche State park has an amazing net work of trails and the Baptism River hike is an absolutely awesome example of that. The boardwalk work and suspension bridge are awesome. There is a large tourist information building near by that makes this a high traffic park but it is so worth it.


almost 5 years ago

Old Stomping Grounds

I grew up in Welch, MN and have frequented the Cannon River and Welch Mill. Sure is a fun leisure activity. Don't forget the sun screen! I can't tell you how many times I have burned myself to a crisp out there!