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Jesse White

I did this hike yesterday and it was fantastic. had I trusted this description, however, I certainly would not have made it to the top before thunderstorms would roll in as they always do in the summer here. First of all, the only way to make it from the trailhead to the summit in 30 minutes, as described above, would be by helicopter. I am a fairly experienced outdoorsman and capable hiker here in Colorado, and just getting to treeline took over an hour. After that, safely scrambling up the talus field to the summit took another 2 hours. Secondly, climbing down the rock slide took longer than climbing up...you would surely die if you attempted to run down this "almost 14er". I don't know if you were thinking about a different hike when you wrote this, or if you were just stoking your ego, either way post like this could get someone hurt. save the over embellishments for Facebook, and stick to the honest facts on an app or site such as this.