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This place can get packed on summer weekends so make sure to get there earlier if you want some more seclusion. Weekday evenings are usually the best times to have a relaxing time paddle boarding/kayaking. Water runs slow during the summer which makes getting around easy.

Great little spot to do some weekday trail running. Does get a little crowded but trails are wide enough to where it isn't much of an issue. The trail is mostly paved but does have some gravel/dirt parts.

I've been around this area quite a bit but never stopped to check out this park. Glad I decided to take some time to do so. To me, the bridges make this hike unique.

I used to run around the reservoirs all of the time. Nice view of the city at the top as well.

I highly recommend going here if you're in the area. I rented a bike for 30 pesos and had a blast riding through the trees. Nohoch Mul Pyramid can be climbed and you will have a great view over the canopy to see the scale of the area.

Out of all of the waterfalls in the gorge this one is my favorite. An Easy and scenic hike makes this a must do. During the rainy season you will find small waterfalls throughout the hike. Highly recommended!



Easy hike and not as well known compared to other waterfalls in the gorge.

This is a must do in the spring when the flowers are blooming.



A great half-day hike to an impressive waterfall. Get there early because it's very popular and make sure you bring a camera!

Did the easier of the two and had a good time. It's a fun place to do some long exposure photography with your lights. Definitely bring a jacket and good lighting you can depend on.

Easy hike and a impressive waterfall. I would get there early especially in the summer because it will be busy.

One of the best places to photograph Portland. Walking up and down the river near OMSI offers a great view and perspective. A must do for night photography in Portland.

Ponytail is an easy one to get to and worth the short trip if you're in the area. Like any of the gorge hikes near Multnomah Falls you're better off getting to the trail head early if you don't want crowds.

There's a documentary on Netflix called (Mile... Mile & a Half) that's about 5 photographers who hike the trail to captures its beauty. Definitely one for the bucket list!