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James Brady

Native Michigander, now living in Seattle and exploring the Pacific Northwest!

This route is the one used by the guide services so it is well established, however you still need to be prepared and experienced use it!

I just did a trail run here for the first time and loved it! The trailhead is a short drive from Seattle and the variety of terrain is awesome.

I ran these regularly to prepare for Mt. Rainier and summited the mountain with no problem!

Climbing to this summit on a clear day will leave you with a view you'll never forget. Be sure yo leave yourself ample time though because route finding can be difficult along the way.

This is a popular hike, and for good reason. I just hiked it this past weekend and was very happy with the reward I received at Lake Serene. The views of the Lake and the towering cliffs of Mt. Index are phenomenal. I suggest going early to beat the crowds. While this hike may be best in the summer, I did it in April and really enjoyed the view of the still frozen lake and snow covered mountains.


I just did this hike yesterday. I spent a total of 4 hours on the trail and a little over an hour in the car, making it a perfect hike to do on a weekend morning. The trail is well maintained, travels through some beautiful forest, and rewards you with sweeping views when you reach the top.

This is a great itinerary. The east side of the island allows you to see many unique and different areas of the island and truly take in its solitude. Lane Cove is my favorite spot to camp on the island.

I spent 7 weeks in Iceland and I consider my trip on this trail to be one of the most memorable parts of my trip. I did the trip as a day hike, heading from Skógar to Þórsmörk (the opposite direction of the above review). I absolutely loved the trip and I think it is a must do for any adventurous type who makes their way to Iceland.

Besides being a stunning waterfall, it is also one of the most accessible waterfalls in the area, which allows for all types of individuals to enjoy it!

This is a big island and as such it takes a lot of time to see the whole island. I spent 4 days there and only saw the western half of the island with highlights at Lane Cove, Daisy Farms, Mt. Ojibway, and Rock Harbor. My group did a loop hike but the above review does a good job of discussing the ferry options that are available on the island that allow for hikers to travel longer distances without having to worry about hiking all the way back to where they started from.

This is a great route to take if you are looking to explore the scenic rocky shorelines of Isle Royale. Be careful if it is raining because the rocky terrain gets very slippery!

This is a good way to see what the island has to offer. I especially liked the Tobin Trail

This review gives some great advice on the trip. I hiked the trail in the opposite direction but either direction gives you ample opportunity to take in the views of Lake Superior and enjoy the solitude. Hit the trail in the spring or fall to avoid the bugs that are prevalent in the middle of the summer.

This is a great hike. The review is right though about the bugs, its best to do it in the spring or fall.

This is a great day hike and allows you to see a little bit of everything Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore has to offer.

I just got back from South Manitou a few week ago and I had a great time. The island has scenic campsites and the campgrounds are nice and quiet. It is easy to find solitude and beautiful views by hiking the dunes and then the perimeter of the island. If you are a good swimmer and have time, swim out to the Francisco Morazan shipwreck on the south side of the island, or snorkel out to and dive down to to the wreck of the Three Brothers, located near the ferry dock.

I just got back from South Manitou a few week ago and I had a great time. The island has scenic campsites and the campgrounds are nice and quiet. Hiking the dunes and then the permiter of the island