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    Beyond the ruins in Rome and the gelato on every street corner, Italy has an endless supply of ridiculously scenic adventures. From panoramic views on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea to the awe-inspiring granite walls in the Dolomites, you'll never be bored.

    Top Spots in and near Italy

    • Welschnofen, Italy

      Loop hike around Lago Di Carezza

      1 mi / 20 ft gain
      One of the most scenic lakes in the Dolomites, this spot can be found right along the road as you drive by from Lake Garda toward Lago Di Brais.  One of the richest and deepest blues in a glacial lake in the Dolomites. Definitely worth your time to stretch your legs and hike around this amazing s...
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    • Civitella D'agliano, Italy

      Explore Civitella d'Angliano

      About 50 miles northwest of Rome, the commune Civitella d'Angliano is nestled 860ft in elevation. There are walking trails all around but simply walking around Civitella will get you winded because of the hilly terrain.   If you want to escape the tourist haven of Rome, you can hop on a train to ...
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    • Positano, Italy

      Hike the trail to Santa Maria del Castello in Positano

      2.9 mi / 1640.4 ft gain
      This trail starts right off the street Via Corvo. Look for the signs Via Chiesa Nuova, 82, 84017 Positano SA, Italy. You will begin your ascent on stone staircases, however this will slowly turn into an advanced to difficult trail in parts as it is not upkept well throughout the year. This is a v...
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    • Venezia, Italy

      Take a Gondola Ride in Venice

      Tour the Canal Grande as well as picturesque side streets. 
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    • Capri, Italy

      Take a Boat Ride around the island of Capri

      This is a wonderful experience that you can have on the island of Capri to see everything around the island in a 5-15 person boat ride.  There are many vendors/companies right in the main harbor that will be able to take you around the island. Most people speak English on the island as it is very...
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    • Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy

      Hike to Lago Di Sorapis & Rifugio Vandelli In The Dolomites

      7.1 mi / 1148.3 ft gain
      The hike to Lake Sorapis and Rifugio Vandelli is a nice day hike for all abilities of hiker. The trail starts from the roadside, on the road that leads from Cortina d'Ampezzo to Misurina. You'll see a gravel area at the side of the road where you can park - but get there early in the high season ...
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    • Braies, Italy

      Hike and Canoe at Lago Di Braies

      2.2 mi
      Starting at the Hotel Lago Di Braies, you have the option to loop around the lake to hiker's left or right. To the left is the local dock, while to the right is a chapel and barn. Either way, you will end up where you started no longer than an hour and a half later. Once you are done with the loo...
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    • Riva del Garda, Italy

      Hike the Old Ponale Road Path at Riva Del Garda

      6 mi / 700 ft gain
      Drive through Riva Del Garda and park along the road once you get past the factory. The trailhead is right before the first tunnel on the right-hand side, it will be clearly marked.  You will be on the north side of the lake and you will be able to see Riva Del Garda throughout your hike as you a...
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    • Genova, Italy

      Hike to Punta Martin

      12.4 mi / 3280.8 ft gain
      Starting from the waterfront of Genova Pegli, behind the railway station, this hike follows the first part of E1 itinerary. After a brief part in a pine forest, you will get to Pian delle Monache, where you walk around a couple of farmers' houses. After a little while, you then reach Cian de Figg...
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    • Duino-Aurisina, Italy

      Hike the Rilke Trail, Riserva Naturale Regionale delle Falesie di Duino

      1.2 mi / 272.3 ft gain
      The Rilke trail stretches for almost 1.7 km along the Karstic cliffs.The path takes you into wonderful Karstic pine woods with a mix of Mediterranean flora all around and many types of surface Karst phenomena.You will find 5 “Belvedere Points” where you can stop and admire the picturesque panoram...
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    • Rabbi, Italy

      Backpack to Sternai Lakes in Stelvio National Park

      18.6 mi / 4265.1 ft gain
      We start our excursion just below Saent waterfall at 1529 mt at around 11 am. The sky is dark and pushes us to move quickly not to get all the storm on our heads. The hut is still far and we move beside waterfalls and woods (trail 106). At around 2000 mt we cross the forest border and we find our...
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    • Bognanco, Italy

      Hike to Gattascosa hut and Camoscellahorn

      4.2 mi / 3290.7 ft gain
      The path that I'm suggesting here can be completed in full if you feel trained for a climb of 1000m but it can also be cut in half at the Monscera pass if you prefer something simpler and lighter. In any case, your excursion will give you great reward. From Domodossola follow directions to Bognan...
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    • Roma, Italy

      Photograph Trevi Fountain

      Located in the Trevi District of Rome, the Trevi Fountain, built by Nicola Salvi, stands 86 feet high and over 160 feet wide.  It depicts Oceanus, the god of the "Earth-encircling" River Oceanus.  He is riding a shell chariot pulled by seahorses, and is also accompanied by the goddess of Abundanc...
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    • Camogli, Italy

      Hike from Camogli to San Fruttoso

      5.8 mi / 520 ft gain
      You can either start in Camogli, hike to San Fruttoso and take a ferry back (like we did). Do this as an out-and-back hike. Or take the ferry to San Fruttoso and hike in the reverse to Camogli. Here is a link to the schedule, but always double check. Also, you're exposed for roughly 80% of this h...
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    • 36 Via Val Fiscalina, Italy

      Ski Tour to the Sextener Stein in the Dolomites

      8.7 mi / 3608.9 ft gain
      The stunning tour in the Dolomites can be done in the winter as a ski/splitboard tour or as a snowshoe tour. It's also possible to hike the same route in the summer. The tour starts next to the Hotel Dolomitenhof, just across from the main parking area. Stating at 1450m, the first section of the...
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    • Alagna Valsesia, Italy

      Hike to Alpe Testanera - Monte Rosa

      10.2 mi / 3641.7 ft gain
      This is an enjoyable hike that will lead you to a beautiful arena where your can admire the south side of the Monte Rosa.After parking at Wold, after the village of Alagna Valsesia, just follow the road to the Acqua Bianca falls. Here you can find the trail (7a) that leads to Turlo pass and, once...
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