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Pulau Pantara Resort

Pantara island, also called Pulau Seribu Marine Resort is the only resort hotel in the Thousand Islands-class Star 4. The distance from Ancol Marina to the resort is about 42 miles or 70 KM and can be reached by Speed Boat 2-hour trip.

Pulau Seribu Marine Resort is designed to let you enjoy nature, both physically and mentally. Delicious cuisine, sports facilities, diving, spacious cottages and emerald green water with pristine white sand beaches give you the opportunity to touch tropical perfection.

Island facility Pantara

Has 40 cottages (East Pantara)
Indoor: air conditioning, Living Room, Bathroom.
Outdoor West: Japanese Restaurant, Swimming Pool, Meeting Room.
Outdoor East: Continental Restaurant, Singgar hall.
Sea Sport: Jet ski, Banana Boat, Canoe, Snorkeling, Diving, Clinic.




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Pulau Seribu Resort

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